Botox bladder injections to improve incontinence


i have just returned from the uro-neurologist who has offered me a new ish treatment for urge-incontinence

it is just some injections into the bladder which takes 30 minutes, but the results seem impressive

currently i take an anti-cholinergic bladder drug = trospium either 60mg once daily or 2x 20mg daily

I was curious if anyone here with MS has had or is having these botox bladder injections?

if so, how is yyur bladder after the injections?

i was told they improve the bladder frequency, urgency and control

Hi There

I’m waiting to see if I’m suitable for botox but it sounds as if it is better than the drugs especially if they do not work for you.



Botox really gave me a new lease of life ! No more urgency,no more incontinence,could empty my bladder fully (you will have to self cathaterise but thats easy) and I could drink and hold more than half a pint of beer I had it done in Nov '11 and its just wearing off now so Im waiting for my next lot in the near future. Hope it works for you as well as it has worked for me.


thank you ricky for sharing your experience,

it sounds great, im very excited of the possibilities!

if you dont mind saying, can you share some examples of how frequent you were before and afta the inections, same with control and urgency

do you ever have incontinence accidents since having the injections?

has your other ms syptoms being affected at all (good or bad) by the botox injections? particularly mobility/walking?

my continence is very poor - passing urine every 45-90 minutes , when i need to go i HAVE to go, urgent, leaking uring all the time, sometimes more if i dont make it to the loo in time, every night i have bed wetting,(does this improve)



For me urgency was always there,not always a desperate need to go but I was always aware of needing to go and I would be incontinent most days,not a full emptying but enough all the same. Since the botox I’ve had no urgency at all, in fact it is only now 16 months later that I am getting the feeling of needing to go but certainly no urgency.

The botox hasn’t made any difference to any of my other many symptons,but my legs were a bit more laboured after the procedure for a couple of hours but that may of just been me and certainly may not happen to you. It gave me a new lease of life, hope it does the same for you

Happy Botoxing


if you are now not needing to go. how do you know when your bladder is full and needs emptying?

About self-cathing, have you tried instead just pressing firmly on your pubic mound with your fingers, i’ve done this for years and it empties my bladder fully, although it does take 10-15 minutes to fully empty, not one stream

How often (in hours) would you say you empty your bladder every day? do you always just self cath to go ?

If so, how do you protect against getting infections? i read UTI’s are very common in those who self-cath

I cathaterise 4 times a day,around every 4 hours but nothing set in stone, you may still feel the need to empty but without the urgency. I take cranberry tablets for utis after going through a plethora of antibiotics to keep them at bay to no success and havn’t had one since starting them.

Hi everyone

I have had botox for incontinence three times already and it is the best thing I have ever had for this problem. I used to take tolterodine for about 20 years which used to make me feel quite sick . I had kidney stones and my consultant recommended I try botox. This was before I was DX with MS. I have an appointment for another treatment in March. It lasts for about 9 months with me and go to the loo about every four hours. Used to go about every 30 mins or so before and used to leak all the time and could never get to the loo in time. I have not had to cath at all, although I was taught just in case. It does not seem to affect my MS in any way.

Hope all goes well for you and think you will feel a lot more comfortable and happy.


thank you ricky and sue for sharing,

sue, its nice to know not everyone has to self-cath, im hoping as i am able to fully empty my bladder using my fingers by pressing on my pubic mound, that self cathing wont be needed.

Ricky & Sue & others who have had the injections, what measurement were you giving of botox? i read the dosage is 200 or 300 units

following the injections were you given a short course of antibiotics to protect against infections?

would be great to here others experience with botox injections

Sorry but I have no idea of the dose that I had. I was given a course of antibiotics to take after the procedure though. Your urologist will advise you on what the best way of emptying your bladder is but if you can still do it with your pressing method then happy days !

Let us know the outcome

Good luck

thats okay.

as there is a 4 month waiting list at the hospital that recommended botox, i will try a different hospital that do the botox injections for the bladder

thanks for the info, glad this is finally some hope

others, feel free to share your experience & results of botox injections if thats okay

Hi Mick,

Got my first on injection on Thursday,and i can already start to feel a diffrence.

I still have to self-catherise but not as often as i use to[when i have to it is a bit of an operation,not many people have to wash there hands first]

Did not get a course of antiotics after it.

Just reading you replys i am hopfull for a good out come.

Take Care,


thanks Chris.

i’m surprised you wern’t given antibiotics, i thought that was the norm following the injections

If you dont mind sharing, how frequent were you urinating before the injections, and how frequent now you’ve had the injections?

would you say the urgency to go is still there or has changed at all? can you control holding it in if needed?

I am due to have my first botox injections tomorrow,

Is there any advice/tips from those that have already had the bladder botox injections

Anything i should or shouldn’t do after i’ve had the injections?
I normally press my ‘pubic mound’ to empty my bladder, is this still advised post injections?

I will ask the Dr when i have them but its always good to from people who have had them first hand

Tomorrow I will have my first BOTOX injections into my bladder to treat my overactive bladder

I was hoping to hear some advice/tips post-injections, from those that have already had them

Anything i should or shouldn’t do after i’ve had the injections?
I normally press my ‘pubic mound’ to empty my bladder, is this still advised post injections?

I will ask the Dr when i have them but its always good from people who have had them first hand

Hi Mike, hope today`s botox goes well.

I am awaiting an operation for a supra pubic catheter, due to urgency, wetting and mobility problems.

There is a forum member who has an spc and botox.

When I saw the urologist and I mentioned botox, he dismissed it quickly.

He said I would still leak and need to wear pads.

I dont mind that, as I will be happy not to have accidents and bad nights.

Let us know how it went, yeh?

luv Pollx

Hi Poll,

You should see a different urologist that performs the botox injections, as from what ive read of others experience, it works!

I had the injections ths afternoon, it was fine, lasted about 10-15 minutes, no pain just slight discomfort when i was injected 30 times, but it just felt like little pricks, nothing painful,

the dr said it will take approx 2days to take effect, will update in a few weeks

hi . I suffer with the bladder muscle going very tight when walking ( in my case waddling ) causing extreme urgency in urinating . also my trousers always fells like they are pushing on my groin area resulting in the feeling . does anyone else get this problem and if so did the botox injection stop it ? Duane

hi folks . when I am waking I find the spasticity that I get in my legs seems to hit my bladder causing urgency for loo . also I get the feeling my clothing is pushing against my groin again bringing the urgency on . does anyone else have this issue and is so did the botox injection work . Duane