Morning everyone hope your all as good as you can be, I haven’t been on for a while, anyway just wondered if anyone can help with this. I have an overactive bladder, their not sure if it’s down to MS, but I go to the loo aprrox 18 times in a 24hr period, so I’ve been offered Botox, originally offered this 3yrs ago but decided not to, now I’m sick of not being able to get a good sleep or always looking for a loo. I’ve been told they have too make sure I can self cathater first before they will go ahead, if all’s ok them they’ll do it, so my question is, has anyone had it done, if so how has it helped, hindered you, any views will be helpful.

Take care all and have a good day.

Jean x

Hi Jean, I have been having botox for the last 8 years, It lasted for 2 years the first time I had it done!

Yes I need to self cath but it means I only pass urine 4 times a day!! No rushing to the loo, no “accidents” no tena ladies!! Infections are cut down hugely as you drain your bladder completely each time with no residual. I take a one a day anti-biotic to help prevent the infections but I only have positive things to say.

Just if you are offered an appointment where you are awake be aware it REALLY hurts! I had it done like that once never again! I have a small sleep while they do it and happy days after!!

It is only lasting about 6 months now but I still reccomend it, you do need to be able to stand whilst you are draining the bladder, doing a stand up wee is well cool!!

Julie x

Hi Julie,

Thanks for your reply, well that sounds great, he told me depending on how it goes, I would either have to do what you’re doing, or still wee on my own but then self catheter maybe a couple times a day just to be sure the bladder is empty, he told me it would last for between 6-9mths and I would be a sleep when is was done, standing up to wee, that may be awkward my balance at times isn’t the best, but hey lets see, thanks again.

Jean x x

Good luck with the botox Jean. It sounds a good idea to me. Are you under Mr Bryan at HRI? He`s a lovely man and did my spc last July. I get painful spasms when I go for no 2…but not bad enough to warrant botox.

luv Pollx

ps nice to see your name pop up now and again.

Hi Polly,

Thanks for that, no I’m under Calderdale for this, guys name to long to remember, I first saw him 3yrs ago for a bladder flush, awful thing to have done, anyway things just got worse so here I am, I just hope I can self catheter otherwise they won’t do it, thanks again. x x

Innit odd how there`s me here in Caderdale and I get sent to HRI and you visa-versa!


ps I was told it`s out patients in Halifax and ops in Hudds.


Hi Polly,

Well it would be nice if you’re right, I know the day I have to go to try out for self catheter is in Calderdale, the nurse told me they used to do it at the incontence clinic at Fartown in Huddersfield but stopped, so hopefully the op will be at Huddersfield. x x


Like Julie I have had botox over the last few years and it has been fantastic. I need to catheterise everything I go to the loo but it’s easy once you get used to it and then it feels like normal after a while. I was never advised to stand up and have always sat down and used a mirror to help guide me to the right place! There’s a useful clip on Utube about female catheterisation and ‘how to’, I found it useful. I really do recommend botox, I too was going to the loo about 18 times a day and now it’s about 7 so it’s definitely worth it.

Good luck x


Thanks for your reply, gosh you were like me, 18 times aday, it’s no joke, every time I go anywhere, where’s the loo, up 4 times a night, fatigues enough with MS don’t need that, it’s good to have these positive responses, I’ll have a look on utube, I look forward to having it done.

Thanks again x