Botox to bladder

Hello everyone

I saw the urologist today and he said that I can have my bladder treated with Botox if I wish. He also told me that many people have to perform self catheterisation afterwards. I have been shown how to do this by the urology nurse and seemed to manage OK. I am just not sure about doing it all the time. If you have had this procedure can I ask do you have to self catheterise all the time and does it get easier?

Many thanks for any replies


Hi Carol,

I am seeing my MS nurse on Monday, to talk about just this topic.

Already self catheters,so hope that it will be okay.[yes it gets easer every time you do it]

Sorry no one else has replyied to your post,as there is people on this forum that have had it done.

Will what and see what replys you get.

Take Care.


Hi Carol

I had botox in November and it drastically improved my quality of life,no more constant urgency,no more getting to the loo and waiting for ever for anything ro happen,no more fretting about going out and being caught short. the bladder mishap list is all but erased. Catheterising will become second nature in no time at all so dont worry about that. Im sure a few others will give you some usefull feedback as well

Happy Botoxing


Hi Carol

I have been having botox in my bladder for the last 4 years and it has definately improved my quality of life - I would say it’s the best thing I have had done. Self cathetizing gets easier each time. I would recommend botox to anyone ! Definately go for it !



I’m a bloke and have been doing Intermittant Self Catheterisation for quite a few years. Not much fun at first but you do get used to it and it gets easier. You will get a bladder infection, it just happens and don’t feel guilty. My doctor allows me to keep penicillin at home to treat it, just pop into surgery with urine sample to be tested. Get some more penicillin on repeat prescript. Guess about 3 infections in about 5 years.

Little disposable plastic bags to put used catheters into is a good idea.

Try to get a bag to put catheters in when you go out, sort of big make-up bag. Compact catheters are very useful if you have to go to a meeting etc and need to take somwe catheters, not too sure if women get them. Male catheter is about 14" long

If going out discipline yourself to do an ISC. Aldso develop a routine then life gets easier.

Never tried Botox. Also LDN helps to make everything a bit more controllable

Good luck

Hi Cris, Ricky, Sue and Patrick

Thank you for your replies. I feel a lot more confident now about coping with the
ISC even if it is permanent. It seems quite a lot of us are having this botox treatment.

Chris - good luck on Monday with your ms nurse.


A major plus has to be that this treatment is reversible.