Bladder Botox help please


I had bladder Botox three days ago for the first time, I am having a terrible time, I am now completely incontenant. I am 34 and meant to be starting a new job in two weeks time after having not worked for two years, I don’t think I can if I am incontenant. I know they say it takes a little while to work but I feel really distressed at the moment and would be really grateful for any advice from anyone who has had Botox before

Thank you so much

Jules x


Just bumping you up really.

I’m waiting for a date to go in and have it done. I was hoping it was going to improve things not make it worse!

Hopefully someone will be along soon that will be able to help.

Sarah x

Hi Jules,

I had botox in the bladder done 3 weeks ago. The first 2 days were awful and I posted a similar message to yours saying I was having to go to the toilet every 20mins for a dribble! BUT all is great now, it did take about 5 days to kick in and take effect. I must say though I do self catheterise I have been doing that for over a year before the botox to help empty the bladder properly.

So 3 weeks in and I do not get the urge to go to the toilet at all! I can sleep through the night without having to get up for the toilet. I have to use a catheter though about every 4 hours to empty my bladder but I get no leaking at all. Do you use a catheter? It really has helped me a lot as I feel I am now in complete control of my bladder and do not have the worry about always needing to know where the toilets are. For me it is the best thing I did.

Anymore questions I am happy to help


Hi Lorna,

Thank you for your message this is very reassuring for me, and I’m sure Sarah, who has posted above. I just need to be patient, when I had it done know one said it would take a while to work, had they done I wouldn’t have been so worried! It hasn’t helped that I also stopped taking my bladder tablets, I thought they weren’t really doing anything, big mistake! Yes I have used a catheter before, not very much but I am all prepared for the idea of using it. I totally know what you mean about being in control again, so fingers crossed

Jules x

Hi, I have a suprapubic catheter and my urine is constantly flowing into a bag. I had it fitted because I have no mobility and needed to go every hour, due to retention, urgency and a constant uti!

I am seeing my uro next month re botox, as I get painful spasms when going for a no 2 and passing wind. I still take oxybutynin and want to stop, as it causes a sore throat.

Hope your problem settles down in time for your new job…congrats on that by the way.

luv Pollx

l thought that if you had botox treatment for your bladder - then you had to self-catheterise. l have a friend who has been having botox for her bladder for a few years. She is now waiting for a SPC as she is now finding it difficult to do the catheterisation because of her lack of mobility and dexterity.

Lorna - your post will give others confidence - and fingers crossed Jules will be ‘in control’ soon. What a pity they did not give her more information and help at the hospital. lt would have saved her a lot of distress.