Botox for bladder problems

Hi I’ve just joined the site again after not being on here for a few years. Please could anyone advise me about having Botox in my bladder.

Thank you

I had it done for the 1st time 3 days before Christmas and it’s great! I had it done under a general anaesthetic so they could have a good look around at the same time. I was a bit achy for a couple of days afterwards but no other problems at all.

I self catheterised morning and night before the botox and I’ve continued to do that. I don’t think I can be emptying my bladder properly during the day as I get quite a lot out at night. But no more leaks means no more pads which is good!

I highly recommend it!!!

Sarah x

Hi, there are a few other members here, who have had botox for problematic bladders.

I have an spc and take betmiga tablets to reduce bladder spasms.

But I am not yet certain I am satisfied with this and may ask about botox.

Good luck if you go for it.



I had botox in the bladder done last September and it was one of the best things I have done to take control of my MS. I had tried all the various tablets and had frequency and urgency which was a nightmare. I have never looked back and would highly recommend it to anyone.

You do have to catheterise, I don’t get any feelings of needing the loo at all now but can’t empty my bladder without using a catheter which I do about 5 times a day. You get complete control back over your bladder, no more worries about where the nearest loo is and you empty it when it suits you.

I can now watch a movie with my husband whilst having a drink without him having to pause it every 20mins for me to go to the toilet for a dribble! I can go on long car journeys and not worry about where the next service station is on the motorway.

Took about 5 days to kick in so for me it got worse in those 5 days as the bladder had been so irritated but 4 months down the line and it’s still working and I’m not up and down to the toilet through the night :slight_smile:

Good luck

I had botox just over three weeks ago and was beginning to think it a disappointment as it was only by the third week that I really noticed some major improvements; mainly that I can concentrate on doing my job without being tormented by desperate urges every 50 minutes or so and forced to visit the loo. Having said that I still leak but I am far less fearful of leaking so much that I end up with wet pants. Hope it will continue to improve and to get out of the ‘nappies’ soon. I guess the message is dont expect things to happen straight away!

I have heard it can take a while to reap the benefits.