Bladder problems and Botox

I have had problems sleeping as i get up every couple of hours for a pee.
I have been on mediction to relax my bladder and also to slow the production of urine. But this hasn’t really worked.
My consultant now recommends Botox injections in my bladder.
How have others found this?
Does it help ?

Good question :+1:

I’m in the same boat. 2.5 hours if I’m lucky, sometimes 1 hr and that’s assuming I drain properly, or else I could be back there after 5-10 mins.

I’m on Tamsulosin for Prostate and Regurin (Trospium Chloride) for bladder urgency. Botox may have to be next, am putting off self-catheterisation for as long as possible.


Morning, I had this problem for a few years and then 9yrs ago I started having Botox injections every 6mths, it does help, once of a day I was up 4/5 times a night, now when the Botox is first injected it might be twice, as it wears off it starts up again, my urologist now says I need it every 4ths, as woman it’s easy for me to self catheter than a man, good luck.

P.S. forgot to say, last year I had a suprapubic catheter fitted, I didn’t get on to well with this and had it removed, but my urologist said down the road I would need either that or a permanent bag fitted, can’t say I’m looking forward to that.

Thanks for the replies.
Pleased that the Botox does help.
Do you still need to get up for the toilet through night ?
The consultant made out that i would not have to get up through night.

Thanks for the reply.
I had my prostrate checked and thats ok. So my problems are all linked to the ms.
I was putting self catheterisation off at first. But its not as bad as i feared.

Well I have to say for me I do, still twice, but for me that was better than before, I must admit the suprapubic as great for the night time, as I could attach a bag to the end, no getting up, but through out the day it kept bypassing, so no good, the urologist said it we the catheter that was at fault and the companies are looking to improve them. Hope all this helps, good luck.


p.s. I now have 300ml injected as before I had 200ml

That’s interesting to know thank you.
So do you still getting the feeling when your bladder is full ?

Good question, when its really, really full I do, but only slightly, so my urologist said to go by the clock, leave it no longer that about 2.5/3 hours, now when I first had the 300ml this was the case, I’m due a top up in September, so now it may be just after 2 hours and that will go down the longer I have to wait.

Hi, one of my pet topics this!

An early problem for me was bladder accidents. Then when I lost mobility, it was impossible to get to the loo in time.

I tried an in-dwelling catheter for 5 months…horrible for sitting down…more of a woman’s issue!

Now got a supra pubic catheter…yeh, it does bypass sometimes.

Tried botox…little improvement…not having it now.

Hope you get relief

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Thats really helpful information thank you.
My urologist said I would have to self catheterise 4 times a day once I had the botox.
But maybe its going to be a few more times a day.

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I think it will be, from my experience, I would say at least 8 times to fully empty the bladder, however we are all different, so good luck, because at the end of the day, what have you got to lose.

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Thanks Jean
You definitely worth trying to see if it can improve things for me.
My only worry is having to self catheterise when out and about.

Yes I get that, it can be difficult, sadly I’m not usually out long enough for it to be a problem, due to high fatigue, but that’s another story.

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I had the botox on Thursday afternoon.
It wasnt too bad experience really.
I’m still just using a catheter twice a day but the amount i retain has increased,
When i pass urine during the day the flow is definitely slower.
How long after having the botox does it start to work?

Hi Irons, I was told it can take up to a couple of weeks to take effect.

Thanks Jean
I was never really given much info.

It’s a pleasure, when I first started having the Botox I went through NHS, then Covid hit and I was sent to a PVT hospital which I still go to now for it doing and it was when I went there that I was given more info. I used to have it every 6mths, now I have it every 4mths, they say generally about 2 wks for it to kick in, you say you only have to self catheter twice a day, I still catheter every time I go to the loo, so about 6 times during the day and twice during the night, I know for me one day it’ll be a suprapubic catheter again, but hopefully that’s way off.

That’s really good to know.
When i pass urine today the flow is slower, but I’m unsure if i should use a catheter afterwards?
Or just use a catheter ?
Hope that makes sense

I use the catheter because its important to completely empty the bladder, you don’t want to start with UTI’s, it would set off your other symptoms, hope tis helps.