Anyone with any answers

Hi everyone,

i cant seem to find any answers or information on my problem. So I’m turning to you for help.

My problem is that my incontinence is really bad. I have an SPC but even so, urine is literally pouring out of my urethra as well as the catheter bag filling. I don’t have a UTI and my DNs are at a loss. I’m seeing my urologist on Friday about Botox. Will Botox be any good? The reason I ask is because it feels as if the urethra muscles are not holding anything in and will Botox fix that?

I hope someone can shed some light on this. Thanks

Jane XX

Hi Jane,

Although I do have problems with incontinence issues it’s not the same as yours but I can sympathize with you.

I have seen a few other people put posts on here in regard to the Botox treatment so hopefully you will get some helpful response from others.

Take Care.

Twinkle Toes x

So sorry to hear that. I’ve been really bad with UTI’s but not to that degree normally, UTI impact is bad enough so you have my sympathy too. Not helpful I know… a family BBQ at my Dad’s last month (for me and my sister birthdays) had me pile through the four spare pads in my handbag, ons of andrex moist wipes, two pairs of my knickers and a borrowed pair, a complete change of clothes - plus a towel to sit on in the car. Literally standing up was a release mechanism! It made me decide to get a referral to the continence team as it was such an awful day.

I’ve had botox in my legs only but I’ve heard to can be good for bladder problems. It’s probably a good idea to stick ‘botox’ in the search box as there will be posts under the General living section too.

I really hope the botox works well for you.

Sonia x

Hi Jane , it’s so lovely tosee you on here, I’ve had the botox and one of the side affects for me was not being able to wee for the first couple of months. I have to use catheters as it’s worn off I’m able to wee again but still struggle with hesitancy. Maybe it would work in a good way for you in that it would stop the constant leaking. I thknk bladder problems with ms can go one way or another. I’ve had problems with emptying and often retain urine , the awful thing is I’m often desperate to go but struggle to go. The intermittent catheters worked in that at least I knew I was empty, the downside was I had a couple of bad uri’s . I hope you get sorted. Michelle and Frazer xx

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

Saw my urologist today, the same one that did my SPC, and I’m going in on the 12th of September to have Botox and also a wider fitting catheter. He said that the Botox should work for a year. I’m having it under general anaesthetic and will be home the same day.

Thank you so much everyone for your input. It really is appreciated.

Hope you’re all keeping as well as we all can. Jane X


Hi Jane,

Good luck with it! Let us know how it goes,

Nina x