Botox has made all so much easier

I have suffered both bladder & bowel incontinence since the mid 1990’s, initially spasmodic, but since my MS was diagnosed three years ago, have had almost no bladder control. Initially the cost of the heavy duty pads (6-8 a day) was by far my biggest weekly expense. The good old NHS now send me huge boxes most months. (where do you hide them so visitors don’t see them?) Last October I had Botox on my bladder, not a very comfortable procedure without anaesthetic, but hey, how great I feel.

Almost no problems, night time and at home never a dribble, to manage to hold out and make it to the loo, with that huge release is bordering on orgasmic. (Sorry to be blunt - but it truelly is a wonderful feeling to have after so long) Still use a big pad if I’m going out for a long day, just to make sure of no accidents, but seriously guys BOTOX has worked for me, just one less thing to worry about in this weird MS world.

If any of you suffer incontinence, promise it has worked for me, so please ask for it. My other MS mates who have had it had anaesthetic (think I suggest a good idea) My two lumber punctures were a doddle in comparison.

Take care one and all - Mary

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People l know who have had Botox for their bladder - have had to self-catheterise to empty their bladders. So l am interested to see that you have managed with out doing this. Maybe, they are getting better at the botox injections- knowing how much to give and where.

You say you other ms mates who have had it done - do they manage to empty their bladders without a catheter?

Make sure you insist on an anaesthetic next time.

That`s great news hun! So pleased for you. I didnt know they ever do botox into your bladder without a ga. Ouch indeed, I imagine.

I get NHS pads delivered and keep `em in the garage. No need to feel embarrassed about em.

luv Pollx

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I…never knew this was done :open_mouth: Well, learn something new every day! Great stuff! The bladder issues that I’ve had have been minor, and were the opposite problem, my bladder is a hoarder…bowel too come to that, but I’ve been able to manage that by altering my (already healthy) diet.

Can this be utilised for bowel problems too? Is that being researched? Not quite sure how that would work, but then I’m not sure how it works for the bladder, either! Can you explain? I guess it immobilises the blabber or something? So yeah, I have to ask too, how do you manage with emptying it?

Hi Spacejacket

My bladder & bowel problems was due to spinal damage after a serious RTA in 1995. The MS has made it progressively worse as prior to MS my bladder was not completely collapsed.

I was taught how to self catheterise, but always ended up with a UTI, as I had very little hand control, took me forever and most times unsuccessful. Since Christmas time I have almost lost the use of my hands, so just cannot do it now. I only go out for short times most days. Go to the loo about every half a hour or so, sometimes nothing, but usually manage to pass. Since Botox I am drinking about 2-3 litres a day. Gym days, or on an outing day, I always use big pads, I do get the feeling of need to go, but simply often do not manage to get to a loo in time. I have not once since October dribbled a drop whilst in bed, after 20 years of nocturnal nappies

I have lived with major incontinence since I was 45, (almost 20 years) so what I have now is almost perfect. All of the other ladies in our local group who have had Botox, self catheterise daily, with absolute success.

So my experiences are certainly different from my other MS mates. and they love the freedom of one less worry.

So really I am not the best to ask as my case is very different.

Take care - Mary x


After years of being nappied up - and even not being able to stay in bed at night - l often sat on the loo for hours as l just continually ‘pee’d’. Then about 20yrs ago - l had a Supra Pubic Catheter fitted - and since then my life has become so much easier. My mobility is not good - and just getting to the loo quick enough was becoming a gamble. Now l can go anywhere- and also pee anywhere. Us girls- have always envied the blokes being able to pee standing up- and more or less anywhere they want. The SPC - gives you that - l have even emptied mine whilst on horse-back - in the woods. Now l never have to wear pads day or night.

Have you looked at Sacral Neuro-modulation - somebody on here had it done. lt was a couple of years ago l read about it. lt is an implant - like a small pacemaker - in your buttock. lt helps control bowel and bladder function. Looks interesting - l did ask my GP if she could refer me for an assessment - but never heard anymore about it.

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