Let me know it's still got me

Evening all!

This morning one of my old not so favourite HSP symptoms paid me a visit.

I wet meself!

I know, awful innit?

I was doing a bit of admin on my DP stuff, minding my own business thank you very much, when splosh! For no reason whatsochuffin’ ever my bladder forgot it has a catheter and got the better of me.



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ah poll

tis a buggeration when these pesky bladders play up.

carole x

Aw Poll, I agree with Carole, buggeration’s the word! This that bypassing you’ve mentioned before? Didn’t realise that could happen for no reason.

Yeh, it seems it still has the upper had.

I`m around half way between catheter changes…done at 5 weekly intervals. Detritis is made in an effort to rid me of a foreign body. And this clogs up the very narrow tubing.

Onwards and upwards, today is another day and I feel ok. Sunshine helps.


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Can’t believe it Poll!! I’ve got a SP cath as well & mine flooded yesterday! It’s a right pain isn’t it? The effort of changing, showering & dressing all over again… Could have been worse though, I flooded in Houston Airport once, waiting to get the plane home, that was horrific!!


Hi, I have only flooded once outside my home…in the cinema…had to miss the end of the film.

I dont get re-dressed…I go to bed and sulk! Too much effort getting dressed the first time.


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As a catheter user, can you envision a better method that someone might dream up in the future?

Oh yes! And I say this quite often…

we should`ve been made with a tightly closing hole in each wrist…one for weeing and the other for no 2.

I can just hear most readers of this going uuuggghhh, Polly, what a horrible thing


if we were made this way in the first place, no-one would think it odd.

The fastenings would have to be leakproof of course.

Imagine going to the loo with no need to get up and down and remove clothing!

I think it would take off!!!


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its a pain when your body misbehaves. Nothing is made to last these days, not like the old days - I mean Methuselah managed 969 years.

Enjoy your sunshine Poll me dear.

Take care

JBK xxx

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Chuffinell Poll. That’s not nice.

There were you minding your own business. Naughty Catheter!!

Take care

H xx

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That’s a radical idea, but you’re right that if we’d always been like that no-one would question it, and it would be so more convenient!

I’ll take it one step further and say it would be a lot easier if we didn’t have such complicated plumbing that required 2 completely different systems and exits! Just one, like a bird has, would be so much more practical.

But even if we had to keep two, a disposal system that you stuck your hand/s into, did your business, and then kept them in there to clean up afterwards…yeah I could totally get behind that! So very much easier and more hygienic that the current method.

So, Chief Scientist Poll, it’s down to you to work out how we can evolve to this advanced waste disposal system. Watch out for sabotage from Kimberly-Clark et al. though, you’d be putting them out of business so they’d fight you every step of the way!

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I’ll have to speak to my urologist. And get someone to draw a set of plans.

Oh it would make our lives so much easier!



Just be sure to let us know when prototypes are available for testing. I could do with an alternative to the current system. It really doesn’t work terribly well.

Sue x

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