What a day....

Hi peeps,

Am sitting here catheterised

Woke up in the very early hours of yesterday morning to nip to the loo for a wee…nothing happened so off to bed, body tells me 2 hours later that I need to go again…nothing happened. This happened another 3 times during the night…I was knackered! When I got up I could see my stomach was swollen. After that I had the urge to go every 5 mins (not an exaggeration). As the day went on Ibecame more and more uncomfy and then it started to ne painful. I tried to call my GP but the surgery had to be evacuated due to a chemical spill in the pharmacy! Typical LOL! I then rang NHS direct who gave me the number of my walk in center. Called them but they said it was a 2 and a half hour waiting time. You can imagine the state I was in so could face waiitng that long.

As the day went on I got worse and worse so called them back and they said it was a 1 hour wait. My lovely partner came straight home, called a taxi and off we went.

I was triarged (sp?) straight away by a realy lovely staff nurse abd she scanne my bladder and it showed up about 800 mls I then had to wait an hour for the doc to see me and then the lovely nurse did my catherter (never had one before and I must say I hardly felt a thing) and oh what a relief. In the end there was over a litre of urine Anyway, got back home at 20.45 last night…This is the first time that stress has really affected me. Wow! Am absolutely exhausted (I know a lot of you have been there, bought the t-shirt etc ) I’m now waiting for an appointment with the urologist and I’m just hoping I’ll be okay with the catheter until then.

Sorry for long post but just needed to share

Thanks for reading



PS. Does anyone who has been catherterised have any hints/tips. Just worried about getting an infection.




HI Oonagh A friend of mine who suffers bladder problems swears by cranberry juice to help prevent infections, some of the health food shops also sell the cranberry capsules. I have heard a few people recomend cranberry juice, cant hurt to try :slight_smile:

Thank you Handbag. I shall get my OH to get some for me. I’ll try anything :slight_smile:


Hi Oonagh, I started self-catheterizing 5 x a day in September. I have had all sorts of bladder problems for the last six years including numerous UTIs so doing ISC has changed my life for the better. I have not had any UTIs until I had one this week, so am hoping it is just a blip. I take cranberry soft gels on a daily basis and have a prophylactic dose of trimethoprim every night. I am sorry you have had this awful problem - it sounds horrible. I find the self-catheterisation fairly easy and it takes very little time. It was taking me between 20 and 35 mins to pee and I had 5 UTIs in 8 weeks in the summer. I hope you get on OK with it. This is the symptom of MS that I hate the most even worse than not being able to walk properly. I feel that self-cath has given me my life back. I hope urology sorts you out quickly - let me know how you get on with all this. Thinking of you and please pm me if I can help. Teresa xx

Oh Oonah, I’m sorry to read this. Poor you!

Really hope it gets sorted out quickly.

Thinking of you,

Pat x

Hi Teresa and Pat,

I’m trying to take this in my stride and hoping that this is just a blip.Everything is so very new for me. Also, thats the first time in my 43 years that I’ve been in hospital where it hadn’t been arranged before hand (if that makes sense?). I felt so sorry for my OH, he just looked so worried and scared watching me lying in a hospital bed . He was so lovely though and he even wanted to stay with me while I had the catheter put in…I told him to go and wait in the waiting room LOL! The nurses were lovely though and got him back as soon as it was done .

Thank you both




So sorry to hear the trouble you have been having. My Aunt has MS also and used to get a lot of urinary infections. I know that she drinks a lot of cranberry juice and this has helped. It can’t hurt to try. If you are able to go out to pubs, they actually sell it in a lot of pubs now. Nice long drink. I really like it.



Thank you Anne,

I’m defintely going to go down the cranberry route

Have a lovely Sunday