Briefly, my very first UTI with a catheter. My word that was brutal. Now back to normal, as normal as getting over 12 weeks of chemo can be.

Best wishes.

That is ouch Steve. I ended up in hospital on a drip for a week as I developed a UTI before they changed my catheters to the ones I use now. These are easier to use so “touch wood” I’ve had better luck since. That’s the risk we all face when we have to have foreign bodies inserted.

Hope you’re feeling better and can get the time to relax and get over the chemo and infection. Are you finished all your cancer treatment now?

Take care

Cath x

Hi Cath. I have a clinical review on Monday and a scan the next Monday. Then they’ll decide if surgery is possible.

Some enforced rest has helped. I have a carer in now to scrub me clean and get me up. I can see light.

Good wishes.

Good luck Steve. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.

Best wishes

Cath x

Steve I feel for you , I had several infections on the intermittent Catheters , I’ve got boxes of Catheters and I’m supposed to use them but I don’t like them , I had to use them all the time at one stage but after several infections I had to take low dose antibiotics. I hope that you feel better soon , you’ve gone through a lot and you are still making us smile with all of your blogs. Michelle and Frazer xx