Feeling so much more positive

Hi all, Just wanted to post with something good. I have recently had really dreadful bladder problems, including back-to-back UTIs, terrible retention, hesitancy etc, so that I was taking 20-30 mins to pee, as well as causing terrible pain in my legs because of all I had to do to go. Anyway, this morning a continence nurse came to show me ISC. Not only was she really wonderful but this procedure is going to change everything and give me my life back, I can tell. I managed the procedure well the first time with her help holding the mirror and jug etc. It probably will be harder on my own I expect but I am feeling quite confident atm. Sorry anyone who is squeamish about such things but I am a happy bunny this afternoon (for the first time in months). Teresa xx

Oh thats lovely teresa. Not the thought of you with the catheter, jug and mirror (what have we come to?), but due to the fact that youve found some peace and a way to sort out a very awkward personal problem.

Good for you.

luv Pollx

So pleased for you Teresa!

I have an American book of emails of group of women with MS. Couple of them say they DID get their life back using catheter. Good for you hon!!!

Pat x

Thanks guys I told the nurse - I never thought I would be happy about doing such a thing but I am overjoyed atm. Teresa xx