bladder clinic

Had my first visit to the bladder clinic today must say the nurse was fantastic and put me at ease. I now understand how hard these pelvic floor exercises are ladies!!!. I have plenty of instructions which hopefully will help and back in again in four weeks time. Another one of the deep joys MS brings us.

Hope you are all ok guys and the snow is not causing too many problems.

luv Mark

Hi Mark, so glad it went well and the nurse was nice. Yes pelvic floor exercises… aaaggghhhh… but worth doing if it’s gonna help.

Snow melting in London now and hoping I’ll be well enough to go out on scooter tomorrow… it’s been a week of being ‘indoors’ and if it wasn’t for the social activities down in communal lounge I’d be going nuts with cabin fever.

Let us know how it goes Mark… MS eh? The gift that just keeps on giving…

Love Pat xx

Glad the visit to the bladder clinic went well- it is nerve-wracking isn’t it? It does help though when the nurses are lovely. They usually are in these places. They are sensitive to our fears and worries! Snow almost gone in Hampshire - thank the lord! Teresa xx

Snow nearly gone in sunny Nuneaton!!! Lets hope we get some rain to wash it all away , my cats are going mental they will not go out but want to go out.

Had done my exercises and drank more water today so day 1 out the way and counting.

We are lucky to meet some lovely people in our travels I have a wonderful MS nurse and now a lovely district nurse so one lucky fella. The nurse rang today and had sorted out some more info and details on getting a radar key really is going that extra mile.

Like your style Pat the gift that keeps giving that cracked a smile.

take care ladies

Glad it’s all going well Mark! Your nurses sound lovely.

Always funny to see a cat in the snow… the way they creep along and stop to shake a paw in disgust!

Enjoy rest of day Mark… I actually got out on the scooter… whoooo first time out in a week!!!

Pat x