Been to see the MS nurse

Hi saw then Nurse today and had great appointment. We discussed a baclofen pump anyone out there got any ideas about that, I am upping the tizzanidine tablets for the next few months to see if that helps. Also getting a Camel. No not one of those things from the desert but a camel to help me if I fall over anyone else got a pet camel? Itts been a good day we went fromn there to Blean Woods RSPB reserve and sat and had sandwiches listening to the birds and watching a squirell bomb around the car park. Couldn’t leave a donation in the collection box as sign said a family of Blue Tits had taken up residence insiden the box. As I said great day came home and slept sitting up in the wheelchair for two hoursbut woke up and had Chinese meal will wifes Aunt and Uncle who are visiting for a couple of days.

The NHS is wonderful and deserves

Don you’re so right. Since I’ve been dx I’ve been so impressed with everything, the help I’ve had and resources available to me. My dad’s just been dx with prostate cancer and is also very impressed, we were discussing it yesterday. These people that constantly complain about the nhs should go to South Africa and see what government funded health care can be like, I worked as a nurse over there and saw their handiwork, I could make your hair curl.

We are very fortunate in so many ways! Take care.

Cath xx

I will never forget being in hospital in Margate with a collapsed lung I had a chest drain in and someone was moaning like mad very loudly to visitors how bad it was and I got out of bed wheeled the chest drain round to the next bay and gave them a piece of my mind I got a round of applause from the rest pof the ward. They never moaned again

Sounds like a good appointment Don… and RSPB reserve as well… good for you. And agree, our NHS is fantastic!!! Pat xx

It was a wonderful day but I messed today up I forgot we had visitors, some days I forget my own name! Anyone else like that? I thought I had done so well but I was so so wrong.

I’ve yet to forget my name Don…but as to what I had for my dinner tonight… your guess is probably as good as mine !! , Nina x

Lol Nina and I thought I was the only one to do that

Don you’re not on your own. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve phoned people or they’ve called me, made appointments, gone to calendar to write them down and had to ring back as I haven’t a clue what day or time we’d agreed on. I don’t know how old I am and it’s not through vanity, don’t even have the brain function to work it out either. The scary thing is I was really bright.

I try to play games and do puzzles on my Nintendo DS console as it’s supposed to help but I think I’m beyond even that. Never mind, I still seem to survive from day to day and haven’t got enough memory to remember to stay frustrated for long.

Enjoy the weekend, it’s supposed to be nice weather.

Cath xx

LOL Cath we must be leading parralel lives I am the same, still its all part of the adventure of MS. Yep weather set for fine and I live on the coast at Margate so maybe an ice cream is the answer. Hope you have a good weekend.


I live in the beautiful Lake District and also near the sea, but being on the Morecambe bay coast means we only actually see the sea when the tide’s in, we’ve got miles of sand first. I love it here though, it’s like being on a permanent holiday.

Cath xx

You two are making me jealous! But we did see the sea last w/e; from West Bay, Bridport, along to Abbotsbury. Just from the car, in my case, but uplifting just the same. Brilliant fish & chips in West Bay :slight_smile: Kev

Most of the UK is beautiful, you’re never that far away from open countryside or the sea. The lake district has so much water for a reason, we have a lot of rain, very few people don’t own wellies, not everyone’s idea of a fashion accessory. You definitely get better weather more south. I can’t remember when I last had fish and chips, might be on the menu tonight, no daughter to cater for as she’s staying with a friend and I hate cooking for one.

Take care

Cath xx

I had fish and chips last night sitting in the car watching jetskis and boats from the car park on the prom at Herne Bay. We went to Faversham to see a car show held in the town centre. I am knackered today I didnt get up till 2:30 But had a terrible night tea and biccies at about 3:00 am and I had the district nurse come and change my catheter. I am up now and have just watched a film with our son.

Hi - I had fish an chips last night as well. But we were just sitting on a bench in a car park - not really loveley views. We had been doing some gardening ( well the OH had, I just watched) and then could not be bothered to do a BBQ or cook, so popped up the road instead.

Must say they tasted good - and anything for an easy life.

Take care everyone.

Jackie x

We are having lovely weather here in Lincolnshire (at the moment) just hope it lasts - everyone is so much more cheerful.

Had a beautiful few days here but we went out on my electric wheelchair for the first time yesterday read about it on my other blog Promote Thanet