Saw the MS Specialist Physio yesterday

Hi I had a trip to Canterbury Hospital yesterday to see the physio nurse. She is lovely and has learned all of my diversion tactics and steers the conversation back to talk about me ASAP. She is arranging for a Social Worker to come and access me on transfers and the wheelchair department to look at my wheelchair other than that all the same here Have a good Easter folks and think of my dear Heather up and on the beach for a sunsrise service at 6:00am on Sunday Morning but at least she gets to go back to Church and get a bacon sarnie but I will be in bed ZZZ’ing


Hi Don, well; your Physio nurse sounds really efficient. Great she sussed your diversion tactics and fab she’s trying to get you the best treatment from the various departments. Good luck with it all, and lucky Heather (no pun intended but I bet she gets it all the time), to see a fab sunrise from the beach at 6am is just perfect. I’m sure she’ll give you a fab description on her return, without the bacon sarnie of course.

My Neuro Physio is good too, though we did get off on the wrong foot (oops, maybe not feet exactly). She too got me back to the topic and I left feeling much better, just because she understood.

Chrissie x

Chrissie you are right the fact they get it actually makes a big difference. I always try and be " hail fellow well met" Heather always tells me off but it is part of how I cope, if I can convince people who don’t know me I am okay I am doing good but most of them now know if is a front and under the brave bold front is a scared little boy.

Still you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.

Have a good Easter


hi dom hope all goes ok its getting in out of car l want help with got a stand twister frame helps me stand then hubby hangs on back of my clothes till l can lower bum on car seat then he lift legs in

take care regards jan xx

Morning Don,

What on earth is it that makes us do the I’m fine thing…I’ve even found myself saying I’m fine when my doctor asks me how I am!

I hope Heather enjoys the sunrise service.

Have a lovely Easter Don,

Love Nina x

Hello Don , it’s good that they are looking after you. Maybe they will give you a better wheelchair. Michelle and Frazer xx

Your physio sounds great

Sonia x

True Don, but we can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time. My hubby keeps saying “you can’t kid a kidder Chrissie” so he & Heather know us well.

Take care x

The physio sounds good Don.

Recently I’ve been referred to a good one who started me doing once a week visits to a local centre. It’s used by MS and stroke affected people.

As for missing out on a bacon sandwich; I cannot begin to describe the level of devastation.

I’m just checking the weather forecasts for a proposed trip on my scooter to the local bluebell woods. I want to do it at first light. It will be rewarded with bacon.

Best wishes, Steve.

I so hope you get to the bluebell woods Steve!

Take care,

Nina x

Hi Ninagrace.

I think it is personal pride that makes us tell the world…“I’m fine thanks” with a nice smile to go with it. I’ve just about had enough of the emotional Roller Coaster I am riding and have actually made an appointment to see my doctor next week. I had a really bad PIP experience, well it’s still on going. I think that was the last straw for me. But, you can bet that the next person to ask me how I am will get the same reply.

I hope you are feeling good yourself.

Take Care Buffy

Steve and Nina we aim to try and get to the Bluebell Woods this week and Steve I can assure you it won’t be early morning I am never ready before ten (I lie) XXX Don

Hope you make it too Don! I have a little group of them in my garden but it’s not the same!

Take care,

Nina x