I didn’t feel like going to physio today. The fatigue wanted to stop me.

But I went and was glad.

We have to listen to our body but today I kicked it up the bottom and followed my obdurate instincts.

Tomorrow I will sleep in.



I haven’t seen my physio for a while now you mention it. Hope you get some good rest/recovery tomorrow x

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It’s good that you went Steve , I had Neuro physio for a while but it dropped off because it was so far to go , it wasn’t straight forward to get a bus there. A couple of times my carer would take me but that meant a loss of help in the home and she’d just be say around waiting. What do they do with you Steve? They used to get me on a bike , I used to think that they’d be able to get me walking again and not needing the chair …I’d love to get it all back . Can you see any improvement? Michelle and Frazer xx

Hello Michelle.

I did 4.9 km on the bike yesterday and 36 steps on the parallel bars.

I think any regular movement is helping but because it’s attended by other people with MS or who are recovering from strokes, we get a lot of support from each other. And they get my biscuits.

Steve x woof.

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