Thank you NHS

Hi Just wanted to say a big thank you to the nhs in my area (Kent). After what turned out to be a few relapses this year, I was seen in August,diagnosed in September after the mri, lp etc and I start on tysabri in the next couple of weeks. Yes it’s been awful to be diagnosed with MS but the service from the nhs, my neurosurgeon and MS nurse has been quick and exemplary.


They sound on the ball :-). Good luck with your treatment Pops.

Hi Pops

I phoned my hospital the other day regarding the care given to me by a nurse (not MS related) was very good. The person on the phone suggested I email the hospital chief executive with my compliment, so I did.

Good for you. I to used to live in Kent and found the NHS there very good and on the ball. I saw a dr.Khan she was brilliant.



hi pops

you echo my experience as well. god bless the nhs and those who work in it, except for the pointless managers who appear to do nothing bar hindering the exemplary work.

i think of how many of my loved ones would not be around, or who would not have any quality of life if the nhs didn’t exist. the ungrateful b*stards who enjoy slamming it really should experience the standard of government healthcare in other countries, which they would have to pay to access. it is one of the best things about this country.

good luck with your continued treatment, take care, fluffyollie xx

Sorry about diagnosis, but nice to hear you were treated well.