What a lovely lady...<3

Today I met a lovely lady after my ms nurse visit. Today was the first day I have left the house since being discharged from hospital with right sided weakness last Wednesday. Decided this morning to keep my appointment as I can now walk (slowly). My appointment with the nurse went very well and she was pleased to have seen me (thought I would of cancelled after being hospitalized for a week) When I reentered the surgery waiting room a lovely lady said " it’s taken another pretty one". I sat down and had a very brief chat with this lovely person. I would really like to get in touch with this lady she made me smile when I’m in midst of relapse and not at all myself. I hope I can find her through here… I met her today at around 2.20pm at the moat house surgery Merstham surrey. Thank you if any one can help

Ahh thank you for the reply Jen, I don’t suffer from the outdoor heat at the moment it’s the heat in the kitchen I suffer from not good being a chef by trade lol. Hope your keeping cool and hydrated if your heat sensitive x

Hi Michelle,

The surgery would not be able to divulge her details, however, they may not object to passing on yours to her, at your request, so she has the choice whether she would like to respond or not. I can’t see why you cannot say you would like to forward a particular patient your contact details, and they may be nice and help you out. But of course, you would have to be able to identify the patient. It seems you probably didn’t swap names, but do you know if it was definitely: “The patient immediately after me”, or might she have been several patients after you?

I’ve had a similar thing at the doctor’s. While I was in there, a youngish woman came in who was not able to walk properly, and I think used a buggy.

Now the not walking could have been from anything - e.g. an accident - but it was going through and through my mind: “I bet she has MS!”

We got chatting, although NOT about the not walking, or what either of us was there for. It did turn out we were both waiting for the same doctor. I know my doctor has, at most, one or two other MS patients on her list, as it’s cropped up before in conversation. So the chances of bumping into either of the others were rather slim. But I just had this hunch.

I do, wish, now, that I’d mentioned it. She seemed very friendly and approachable - I think she had approached me first. So I’m sure she would not have minded me saying: “I don’t suppose you have MS, do you?”

If she’d said: “Why? How did you guess?”, I could have said: “Snap!”, and we’d have done high fives. So I do regret, now, not asking. Or even saying to the GP: “If that young lady after me happens to be another of your MS patients, please feel free to give her a name and contact number for me.”

But I never did, so now I’ll never know.

I’ve only ever asked two people whether they have MS - which, on the face of it is quite cheeky - but I always begin with: “Excuse me, I wouldn’t normally do this, but I do have a reason…”

Both times were right, and they didn’t mind at all, so it seems that when I get this gut feeling someone else has MS, it can be trusted. Just a shame I didn’t put it to the test a third time.

The chances of bumping into her again must be vanishingly small - especially as I hardly ever go to the doctor, and virtually have to be dragged there kicking and screaming!

I hope you do find the lady you hit it off with.



Thank you Tina, The Drs surgery I went to today was not my gp surgery but where my ms nurse runs her clinic from in my area. I won’t be going there again untill November I may drop my ms nurse a email tomorrow and let her know I’m willing to give the other lady my details and see if anything happens… Would be nice to chat in person to someone else…and also put a smile on her face when she needs it like she did for me today. :slight_smile:

Hi Michelle,

I realise it wasn’t quite the same, in the sense you do at least know somebody in the MS clinic has MS - in the doc’s surgery, it could be anything. I just had a feeling the lady had MS, but for some reason didn’t follow my instinct.

I think, even though your chances of meeting again at the MS clinic are higher than mine of a chance meeting at the GP, you might need a little more than Fate. There would be no harm writing to the MS nurse. I can’t see it would be a breach of your privacy, if you were not only permitting disclosure of your details, but saying you would like it!

However, they may consider it could put the other patient in an awkward position, should she not wish to respond. From what you’ve said, this does not sound at all likely, but I suppose they have to be wary of approaching patients, saying another patient expressed an interest in making contact, as this might constitute an intrusion. You can only ask, though! They might at least be able to put it to her: “A lady you spoke to in the waiting room would be happy for you to make contact: would you like her details?”

Nothing ventured, nothing gained, I say. If nothing comes of it, you’ll just have to hope your paths cross again.

Just one more thing: you might like to post again, or see if the mods can change the title for you, to put more details of who you’re looking for. If she happens to be reading here, she might not recognize herself as the “lovely lady” of the title, or even go on to read the rest of the post.

But if you put: “In Merstham Surgery, about 2:20, 19th May?”, someone might think: “Gosh, I was there then!”, and twig that it’s her.



tina’s reply rang a bell for me.

i met a lovely young woman (about 18 yr old) on a shuttle bus going to a festival.

she was a bit concerned that i was unsteady getting on the bus and she asked me if i had a neurological condition.

her mum has ms and she recognised it in me.

then i was stood at the desk in my gym and a lady was waiting too.

she was lovely, very cheerful but i had a strong feeling that i recognised something in her.

so i asked, she didnt mind - just said “snap!”

i never had an instinct for diagnosing people before!

carole x

Hi Michelle,

Some good suggestions. You could write an email to your ms nurse and ask her to pass it on.

Address it to the ‘lovely lady’ and say thank you for cheering you up and putting a smile on your face.

Then you could ask if she goes to any MS meetings - local groups often meet up for coffee. Leave your email address.

Then it’s not just the two of you meeting up.

Always love it when people are nice and they make me smile.

Good luck in your search.

Jen x