My MS Nurse

Met my MS nurse for the first time yesterday. I had the day off and happened to notice she was also doing a drop in clinic in my local area.

She is LOVELY! She was so kind and genuine, it made me super hopeful for the future.

Was only dx last Friday, but she said she was so glad I went to see her and she really wanted to meet me following my dx.

She has given me her number etc and said I can call any time. She also said that she’s not completely averse to home visits, so that’s great too.

It was very comforting and I am feeling much happier and supported.

Bit of a nothing post really, just thought I would share :slight_smile:

PG x

That’s lovely PG. Good to hear you feel so supported, it will help you feel less anxious :slight_smile: xx

That’s good to hear she nice and approachable. I’ve not met mine yet, can’t seem to get hold of her! I phone and leave a message, she doesn’t phone back. I got referred to her, still not heard. Not a good start. Maybe I should put her in touch with yours, she might give mine some tips :wink: xx