Good appt with MS Nurse :-)

Hi all, Had my first appt with my MS Nurse yesterday and came away feeling positive and listened to. I’m going to be starting Copaxone in the next few weeks. She also spoke to my consultant about my back problems whilst I was there and they are contacting my GP to get me on gabapentin, hopefully start tomoz. What I liked is that she went over all areas relating to my health and really included my husband in the conversations. She is also referring me for physio although this will take some time. On a random note I also came away with a relaxation cd to try and sort my sleep out and a Cook book. It’s written in chapters around whatever symptom you have, eg quick meals when fatigue is an issue and meals that don’t need a lot of prep for when numbness is present. Feeling a lot better today than I did on Tuesday :slight_smile: L x

Hi, that certainly was a productive appointment.

Hope the cookbook, cd and physio referral helps.

luv Pollx

That’s brilliant L, my nurses are great too. What was the cookery book (might be useful to tell mine about it)?

Mags :slight_smile: xx