catheters update.

hi everyone, hope you are all as well as can be.


thanks to all of you who replied to my post about catheters. just a quick update, i phoned select, who provide my catheters and explained to them the problems i was having and they said that they would send me some free samples to try. i received the sample and have found that the speedy cath compact are the most suitable for me.


Also, i went to the doctors with a urine sample, as you lovely people on here suggested and it turns out that i have a kidney infection. am on antibiotics, but feel dreadful, as all my MS symptoms are flaring up as well, love Bex xx

Hi Bex

Glad you've found one that seems more suitable. 

I've got an infection at the moment as well and have felt pretty grotty as well. Like you it's flared up all my MS symptons & I've been much weaker as a result. The antibiotics are starting to do their thing now though so I'm perking up now.