catheter problems, advice please

Hi all, not been here for a while…MS seems to have taken over my life, and hubbies. Was catheterised 10 weeks ago, as hubby, carer, had hip replacement, so couldnt manage the 4 hourly self catheterisation. I Liked the freedom it gave both of us, but last 4 weeks, have had probs with catheter blocking, and having new one fitted, in early hours of morning, by emergency nurses. Everey weekend for four weeks.??? no contact by my District nurse till I called her. Her sugestion is for us to go back to 4 hourly catheterisatioin. HELP…Is that it. Are there not alternatives, Am at my whits end. My bladder rules my life…our lives. So low, any suggestions, advice greatly needed, accepted. PS…am in a wheelchair now, needing hoists etc for everything.

Regards to all

l have had a supra-pubic catheter for 18yrs. lt has made a big difference to my life-style. Recently had a hip replacement op - and was so glad l had my SPC - as all the other ladies in the ward were catheterised during the op to make their recovery easier. lt would certainly be beneficial to you if you are in a wheelchair. Save all the effort of transfering- it is so easy to empty the bag into a plastic bottle if you are not next to a loo. Especially, at night or on a journey. Look at living with an indwelling catheter - l am in the over 60’s group - interviewed last year.


Hi Sherry, I am also hoisted for everything now, use a wheelie full time and I can identify with you. I had a suprapubic catheter fitted 8 weeks ago. The wound site is healing ok, but gets sore to touch and clean sometimes.I also have some pain about 4 inches to the right of the spc. But I am doing my best to deal with that. Now that I dont have to go to the loo in the old way, life is much improved. At home I empty my bag when necessary, without the need to ask for help…heaven!

So just to make it clear for me, are you being told to return to self cathetering? Is it still going to be a problem for your hubby to do it?

I`m not really sure what you are asking…sorry to be dense hun!

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So are you using a urethral catheter now? And it keeps blocking quite often?


I self catheterise at the moment so can’t really help on other forms of catheterisation but thought I would bump your post back to the 1st page.

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