i have been to see my continence nurse today and had scan, i am retaining urine which i kind of new as i was when i was in hospital in may and june, she has sent me home with a mirror and a book about self cathertising, i dont think i can do this,i am so scared, just another thing that ms has thrown at me, can anyone please advise me,and tell me its easy,

So sorry, I have no advice but just wanted to let you know I am in the same boat. I was sent away with a DVD (still have not watched it as my kids always in the room) and have to decide if I want to give it a go.
To be honest I think I will if I can but I told the nurse that I dont even know where my “pee hole” is lol!

Do you get many UTIs? I do so do think its important to try and help reduce them.

Good luck, Lindsay x

i am retaining urine and yes i have had a few uti . i wasnt even given a vidieo i was sent home with a mirror to explore if you know what i mean and a handbook.


Snap!  That what an MS nurse said to me a couple of weeks ago.  Got the DVD - for a bloke to watch -  I don't think it will be a top seller in charts, though!  And a nice little booklet.  

I was a bit nervous going for the scan and they expect you to 'go' on instruction - I have never been able to do that even when potty training as a toddler - so I have been given 3 strikes and your out!

Still it made me laugh when the MS nurse said, "it's only a tube and it's soo easy for women BUT for you blokes, you have all sorts of 'plumbing' and some have a longer 'route' than others!"

Don't worry - I'll do that 2 weeks tomorrow for me! LOL!










I was thrown into the world of self catheterisation when I noticed one day Id stopped peeing altogether.  Went through the night, then the next morning nurse came straight out - in went the catheter and Ive never been so relieved in my life.  Never mind any embarassment, it serves a purpose and I sure was grateful.


I was then told same as you, hold a mirror and learn where to put the catheter and how to make sure everything is sterile to stop infection.


Its not that bad, it will become second nature to you and youll benefit by the procedure.  Sadly I gave up after I thought my bladder was behaving, alas its not and hasnt been, Id just convinced myself I was ok.  Now because Ive had a gap, I need to be reassessed once more.  Wish Id kept it up.


The continence advisors are all experts, completely understanding and caring and know what theyre talking about.  Id practise when nobody around in the comfort of your bedroom.  Within days youll be able to do it blindfolded.


take care,