Continence nurse today

Today I have an appointment with the continence nurse and another bladder scan.

I’m expecting to be told I’ve got to self catheterise.

I’ve had lots of reassurance from several of you, about it not being as bad as it sounds, and about it being liberating etc but I’m still more than a bit anxious about it!

What a wimp!

I’m not very good with buttons, hooks and eyes etc, so how will I manage a fiddly tube in a place I can’t actually see?

Half of me is saying no, no I can’t do this, and the other half, just get on with it and stop being such a drama queen!

Fingers crossed!

Totally understand!

I am anxious about seeing the continence nurse AT ALL (expected appointment still hasn’t come through yet), even though I do not expect ISC even to be on the agenda, at this point.

So I don’t think you’re being a drama queen at all (if you are, what does it make me?)

I do hope it goes/has gone well, and that perhaps you are wrong about what will be advised, and she has a few other suggestions yet.

But if it does turn out as expected, I can only wish you all the best, and hope it is similar to doing a tampon for the first time - in no time, you wonder why you ever felt nervous about it. Sorry about the analogy - and hope you’re not one of those people who have never been able to use them. But it’s a similar concept of learning to do something that at first sounds very icky and daunting.



Well, I’m relieved to report that the amount of urine retained has gone down again. Next appointment in three months unless I feel I need to have one before then. So, no sc just yet. All that angst for nothing!


Again, typical of me, though. Would be visualising “worst case scenarios” before I even got there. No wonder I’m always a nervous wreck whenever I visit the hospital about anything!