Another Bad UTI

Go yet another UTI.

As most of you know I’ve got a Supra Pubic Catheter now. Going really well but keep getting UTIs. This latest one is so much worse. Hubby called 999 on Tues at 3am as my blood pressure went down to 81/50 and I fainted.

The paramedics were superb and they said that the drop in blood pressure and faint was down to the UTI. I went off to hospital in the ambulance and my blood pressure soon returned to normal with the help of some IV fluids and oxygen.

Anyone else get these blimmin things?

Take care y’all.

Shazzie xx

Hello Shazzie

How are you, Poll told me how poorly you’ve been. We’ve been missing you.

I’ve had a virus and then a UTI which each in turn made me fall over and not be able to get up, so I’ve had paramedics recently too.

And I’m getting an SPC on Friday. So I’ll be in your gang then.

But I’m hoping not to be getting the UTIs.

Hopefully yours will soon be all over and you’ll be back to normal.

Sue x

Awww. Poor you too Sue. UTIs are vile aren’t they>

Yes Poll knows all about it. She is a breath of fresh air when we need a cheery soul to cheer us up. And you too.

The Paramedics were lovely. One held hold of my hand til we got to the hospital. Turns out I was put on the wrong meds a couple of months ago. Apparently no good for UTIs. Unbelievable. On the right meds now though so starting to improve.

Do you keep coming over sick with yours. I do.

You make sure you take care of yourself.

Shazzie xx

I just noticed you said you were getting your SPC on Friday. They are fantastic Sue. You won’t know yourself. Honestly I am so pleased I had it done.

I bypassed a little at the beginning as it took a couple of weeks for my bladder to realise it didn’t need to “go” naturally. Only a bit though.

I’m sure you’ll be fine. Poll and I are here for you.

Shazzie xxx

hope you continue to improve shazzie.

i can’t help feeling that my own bladder is getting so much worse and have worried about needing a spc myself.

knowing that you, poll and sssue are there is reassuring.


Hi Carole

SPCs are brill. Poll has been a huge help to me. Not only with tips re my SPC but other stuff too.

At least I can see my UTI has improved because I can see it in my bag. Sorry if too much information.

Hope your bladder isn’t too bad.

Shazzie xx

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My ‘outside plumbing’ is being installed on Friday. I’m planning to get a flip-flow valve rather than a leg bag and my bladder and bowel nurse (who will soon be my MS nurse!) says that’ll be no problem. I may have to start out with a leg bag but apparently the district nurses will soon be able to switch it over.

So I’ll be letting you know how it goes.


Can’t wait to hear how it goes Sue.

I use the bag all of the time now. Might try the flip valve again though.

Apparently I have an extraordinarily large bladder (so Urologist told me) so when I use the valve it tends to leak a little so I find it safe to use the bag.

I know a few people who use the flip valve so I reckon it will be up to you which you choose. I suppose I would use my flip valve if I did go swimming, which I don’t.

Good luck with it huni. My op only took about 45mins from beginning to end and all went well.

Be thinking of you on Friday and you know where I am if you need me. Or Poll of course.

Shazzie xx

Thanks Shazzie. I’ll be counting on you guys for help.

Sue x

Here whenever you need us huni.


l drink a large glass of hot or cold water with a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar in it and a teaspoon of honey everyday. This is great for neutralising the acid in your bladder and keeping it calm and healthy. Balances the ‘ph’. Also, it helps with lots of other problems.

Being constipated causes big problems with a SPC - as the full bowel compresses the bladder and can cause the catheter to block and ‘by-pass’.

Had my SPC 20yrs - and the lovely nurse - who specialises in catheters and has been looking after me all this time - is retiring. She has been a god-send to me - and has trained up all the district nurses in her area. She works for an agency and thankfully one of her colleagues will be taking over her patients.

l had more uti’s before l had my spc - now it is very rare. Slightest ‘hint’ of one l just drink more ACV/water and keep off all coffee and tea - as caffeine in drinks and chocolate will irritate the bladder wall.

Oh yes Fran. I forgot you had a spc too.

Thanks for the tip huni. I’ll try that.

Take care sweets.

Shazzie xx