another chuffin uti

hi gang!

Think Ive got yet another uti.......thats 5 this year! I know as the smell from my outpouring is foul…proper `orrible it is! Plus the urgency.

Thing is my date for a supra pubic catheter op is 4th July. If I have an infection they may not do the op, eh?

So, just spoke to GP and she is prescribing anti-biotics.

Another thing, not had a date for my pre-op assessment yet. I thought it had to be done 2 weeks before an op…no?

I rang the uros secretary earlier this week about it and she said she had already passed it to appointments. Ill ring again Monday if no letter arrives before then.

Getting nervy, but know it`s what I want, what I really really want!

luv Pollx

Oh not you too Poll!!! Should we all buy shares in antibiotic manufacturers? I’ve got one too and I’ve got my surgery on Tuesday, had my pre op yesterday. Yes you should be having your pre op about 2 weeks before. Did you send off a sample so they can give you the right anti b? My admitting nurse said that if I still had the infection they might not do the Botox but said nothing about sorting my spc. Seen as its the spc stuck that’s causing the infection I guess they’re gonna have to sort that out. Take care angel sara x

Oh Poll poor you! Hopefully the antibiotics will sort it out. They may phone you with an appointment for your pre op, that is what they did with me. Hope you are feeling better soon. Anne x.

All hail Boudica.Poll you’ve come this far that a small burp/hiccup ain’t going to stop you. Your GP is responsible for clearing this up,and if she doesn’t realise the importance,name names.

My reading, or rather mis-reading is in fine form…You wrote,and I quote,“she had already p*ssed it to appointments”

Must be the subject matter,a warped imagination,MS,Middle age and morphine.Well it made me titter


Wb xx

hi poll

poor you, these blasted bladders can drive us nuts

wobblyboy always makes me titter, so i hope it brought a smile to you too.

much love

carole x

Hope you’re feeling better today hon.

Thinking of you,

Pat xx

Cheers all…even worse to get my dander well and truly up today. See my new post! Grrrr!!!


Oh Poll. That is really miserable. Youve been getting one after the other. You must be really fed up!! Poor you.

You are always there for us when we are down and I hope you know that we are all there for you!!

Get on the phone on Monday and chase it up.


Shazzie xx

Thankyou shazzie, yes you are always there to return support for me…and it makes all the difference hun.

luv Pollx

Hi Poll, I’m so sorry that you have another UTI - they are so foul! I always know I’ve got one from the smell too, it’s hateful! I had 5 in the space of two months last summer which was why I ended up using catheters all the time. Hopefully the infection will have gone by the time your op comes around and they know how much you need it doing so they may do it anyway if it is still hanging around! Good luck with it all, I am sure it will change your life for the good and really help your hubby and carers too! Teresa xx

Hi Teresa, you`re a good egg…always supporting me when I need it.

Just wondering, with you saying you use catheters permanently now, is your`s a urethral type, or spc? How are you managing with it?

luv Pollx