uro appt

Hi all.

Got my appointment with urologist at 3.45 this aft.

Dont you just hate late in the day appointments? If the clinic overuns and it usually does, wont get home until tea and bedtime.

I have my list of questions ready.

Ill tell the doc all about the pain and that it started the night of the op. It has been chronic and quite unbearable a lot of the time. I have had to forgoe outings and spend more days in bed than I would like to. My Filey holiday trundling caused the wound to ulcerate and I spent most days in bed...........couldve stayed home and saved me brass!

Then there`s the awful spasms when i empty my bowels and when turning over in bed.

on a more positve note, I have always drained well and it is usually a light colour, plus I adore this system…no more dashing for the loo or weeing like Niagara when up in the hoist…there`s a sight for you to imagine!!!

The pregabalin I am now on has some effect on the sharpness of the pain. But it`s no good just masking a apin, when there could be something wrong, which I think there is. I reckon it is the catheter tip poking my bladder wall. I wonder if a smaller catheter would suit better?

So, I`ll post tomorrow how it goes.


luv Pollx

Hope it all goes well Poll.

Pam x

Hope the appt went well Poll and I really hope that they can sort the pain out for you.

Shazzie xx

Good luck Poll! x

Steve x

Thanks for all your replies. I`ll be posting on el about how it went