uro appt part 2

Hi all.

saw my urologist on 23rd and here`s an account of how it went;

Clinic was running over (yawn) by an hour! I asked the nurse which doc I was seeing and she said there were 2 on and didnt know. I asked if I could make a preference, to which she agreed, so I got to see the actual guy who did my spc op.

He apologised for the hold up…I said it`s only to be expected and I didnt mind…you have to tell a few porkies sometimes, eh?

Then he asked how I`d been. I told him all about the chronic pain etc. He tried to look at the wound, but could hardly see much…what with me sitting in my wheelie and the spc being hidden under folds of the lumpy stuff!

he said We will try to get to the bottom of this. Hmm?

he first thought it might be gall stones…then said the pain was in the wrong place for that…mmmmm?

I told him about my recent liver test coming back with higher levels than normal. So he said it could be something to do with that…mmm?..again!

I told him I love the system and no more wetting accidents and that I can live with the spc, even when it is a bit icky! but I cant live with the tum pain.

I asked if it could be the catheter tip poking the bladder wall…he said if it were that, then I would be in much more pain…mmmm?

I asked if a different size catheter would make it better? No…size of catheter makes no difference…a case of size doesnt matter`, clearly!

Then I asked the question, which some of you know has bugged me since before I had the op;

Is it because I am fat? There now, I`d said it.

He paused for a few seconds and I awaited his answer with baited breath…

NO!…the right answer!

So, he said he woud do an ultra sound scan and if nothing was seen, then maybe a ct scan. I reminded him that if I needed to get on a bed, I would need a hoist. he remembered that. The attending nurse uttered Youll need your own sling.I replied,Yes, I have one with me now, if you can do it today!` No.

I now await an appointment for the scan.

fun innit?

luv Pollx

ps the doc is a lovely chap!!!

Hi Poll,

I’m surprised and sorry you don’t seem to have got any replies to this, as yet - I don’t think I’ve ever seen a post of yours go unanswered before! I wonder if the board is playing silly beggars again, and sneaking new posts in at Page 2 (or later), so we don’t get to see them?

Anyway, mixed news, by the sound of it. He sounds decent enough, even if he didn’t have any immediate answers (Do they ever?)

Not sure about the “much more pain” bit! From what you’ve said of it, the pain has not been trivial - and I know you’re no wimp or moaner! As pain isn’t measurable anyway, I wonder how he can tell it’s not enough for it to be explained by the catheter tip poking the bladder wall? Does he mean you’d be literally howling or passed out, if that were the case?

Good you’ve got peace of mind that it’s NOT because of your weight. Well done for coming straight out and asking him. I know “Yes” is not an answer you would want to hear, but at least if it had been that, knowledge is power. But now you know it’s not, you don’t have to keep fretting about it. I’m sure if he thought weight was a factor, he’d have a duty to tell you, so you could take whatever steps you might think appropriate.

Hope you’re doing OK today!




I was thinking it was a bid odd that noone had answered too Tina. It always seems to be the same few that answer all the posts. strange.

Anyway, it sounds like this new chap is on the ball Poll. Got to give him time I suppose eh?

Do they realise how much pain you are in Poll?

Shazzie xx

Thankyou Tina and Shazzie for your replies. Yeh, I do usually get more replies, but not to worry!

The pregabalin I have recently gone on, for painful heels, is masking the tum pain! It`s a pleasant side-effect for a change.

I was oringinally put on 75mg a day and told to increase it to 150mg a day.

100 was ok, but 150mg didnt agree with me. I was woozy, sleepy and one eye ball was jumping!!

So i`m back to 100mg and ok. The heels pain has sort of gone, but they feel uncomfortable when touching the bed.

I am being referred for ankle braces, soft ones, to wear in bed. Should be interesting! This is due to my foot drop flop! My ankles get very painful and my feet look deformed!


Sorry Poll. I had a chuckle at the one eye ball jumping. I’ve got this vision in my head of you chasing your eyeball.

Serously though I remember being on 150mg a few years back and it made me act really weirdly. I remember singing chic chic chic chic chicken to the eggs in Asda. Really strange. Once I reduced them it was all ok again.

You’ve got to laugh eh?

Shazzie xx

Hi Poll, glad you’re ok but it really makes you think sometime,modern medicine is just that and they really are still looking for answers!

Hope your scan comes up nice and quickly and at least the quack is nice :wink:

Sonia x

Well it is good news Poll - it is about time they did an ultra-sound - put your mind at rest. The continence nurse from an agency - Wilkinsons - used to keep a ultra-sound kit in her car. lts just the same as they use on pregnant mums. This will show how your bladder and kidneys are.

Never been back to see an urologist since mine was done - 18yrs. You would think they would want to check up - annually at least.


Hello Poll. Sorry for late response…only just read your post. You’ve probably gone to bed now. I’m glad you like the doc but its a pain having to wait for another appointment for scan…I hope its not too long. You mention about your weight Poll? A person’s weight makes no differerence to the fitting of a catheter, like the doc says…catheters are quite long you know. Without getting too technical the doctor doesn’t go that far into the body to fit a sp catheter, so never worry about that one again Poll. Good luck with the scan, I hope everything is ok for you.

Hi Poll, sorry you are no further forward, hope they get to the bottom of what the pain is and can treat it easily enough for you. You must be so fed up feeling like this. It must be so draining being in pain all the time with no answers to why. I am all for seeing a lovely doctor but hate ones that go hmmm a lot, even if they are nice. My daughters neuro is a funny Liverpudlian who tells jokes all the time but is very well renowed in the field but no matter how nice he is I would be spitting feathers if I could not get answers from him. Glad he agreed pain is not because you are cuddly as that is the usual fallback of doc’s if your body is big enough to contain all your fabulousness. Hope you get appointment for CT scan soon. Hugs L x

Hi Poll, Haven’t been on here for a fewdays. Needed a break got mmyself very down and had to shut myself away. Enough about me. Least you seemed to get some answers that what it is not but not anything which would help fix it. Hope you don’t have to wait too long for your next appointment. Take care. Barney

Thanks again for your replies.

Barney…so sorry to hear you`ve been down. if you need to chat more privately, you can always pm me hun.

Tum pain has been giving me a break for a few days. This pregabalin must be masking it. You know I kinda thought they may have damaged some nerves during the op, and if a nerve pain med has quitened it.then…mmm?

I still want the scan tho`.