urology appt this aft

Good afternoon all.

Going to see uro this aft. Hate late afternoon appts, don`t you?

The tum pain I had, following the spc op in July, is masked by pregabalin.

I`ll be getting the results from a recent scan. he did say he may want to do a ct scan. Hope he still does to make sure. Just cos pain has gone, doesnt necessarily mean problem is no more, eh?

No, i`m not being pessimistic here, just wanna know why I had sooooo much pain. it ruined my holiday in September, spent more time in bed than when at home for chuff sake!

I love the spc…it has improved my life tremendously. Recommend it if anyone is at the point of shall I, shant I?`

luv Pollx

hi Poll,

so glad you have no more pain I agree about afternoon appts. seem to take all day!

All hail SPC’s say me too! what a differencev it’s made for so many off us.

Good luck with your appt, hope all goes well.


I agree hun - afternoon appointments mean you get the knock on effect from everyone elses lateness.

Fingers crossed they get to the source of your problems hun and then get it all sorted. then it will be one less drug for you to take - or at least hopefuloly lessen a bit.

Let us know how you get on

JBK xx

Glad the Pregablin is helping Poll.

Really hope the appt went well.

Let us know how it goes.

Shazzie xx

How did it go? I do worry about you when I can’t see you’ve posted.

Hi friends.

Thanks for the concern and support…as always, so important to me.

Right…the appointment. It was the 1st time for a long time, that I`ve had to go somewhere on my own…and boy! did that prove to be a wrong move.

Huddersfield Royal Infirmary is undergoing huge refurbishment. This meant the main entrance is temporarily a confusing mess!

So hubby dropped me off…parking is impossible…he didnt go with me, as we cant leave Lucy alone at all…initially due to her epilepsy and now to her heart/lung poor function and scary episodes of coughing and gasping for breath.

We sometimes have a neighbour to mind her, but she wasn`t available. My morning carer has another client to go to on Wednesdays, my sis/carer was at another hospital with her hubby undergoing an angiogram (results were brill, btw), hence I had to go on me tod.

As I looked at the temporary entrance, I thought How the chuff do I get in now? There was no dropped kerb, but a yellow plastic ramp, with a higher grandient than i am uncomfortable with…but I just took a run at it and hoped for the best!

Once inside, a lovely volunteer lady approached me and I told her I didn`t have my appointment letter with me, as I had the builders in and the house was in a mess. She said that was okay. She got me up on her screen and said to go down the corridor, turn left, take a lift to another floor,…I just looked hopeless and asked if there might be an escort available to take me. She happily filled the role.

I was glad of her help, as it was a fair trek to the right place. I booked myself in and asked how the clinic was running…an hour late! Oh no! I looked down for my bag, to call hubby and let him know, but …all I saw was my wee bag…hanging on the outside of my chair arm, for all the world to see and no bag! I realised my tote bag was missing…along with my mobile and glasses. Well there was chuff all I could do about it right then, so I just shoved my wee bag under my fleece and waited to be called.

I did managed to get into a disabled loo to empty my wee bag, by myself, but had to ask a nurse to re-arrange my right foot, as it has slipped into an uncomfortable position.

Anyroad, time passed and I was called in to see the uro exactly 1 hour after my appt time.

He asked how I was and I said id been okay and was loving my spc. He then told me nothing abnormal had been found on my scan. I told him I was happy about that, but *was still concerned that the pregabalin is masking the former pain. He said he would order a ct scan to do another check and if nothing is found hed leave it. I agreed with that.*

Oh this is turning into a very long follow up eh? Hope you`re still with me.

So it was time to leave and find my hubby in the car park. It was gone 5 and very dark. I`m now so unacustomed to being outside on my own, let alone in the dark and I felt quite vulnerable. The nice escort volunteer lady had vanished.

I couldnt see hubby anywhere, so decided to return to reception and ask for help.

I told the 2 women there, that I`d lost my mobile and bag and asked if anyone had handed it in…no.

I went to the security desk and asked there…no. So I went back to reception and asked if they could ring my sister, who would ring my hubbys mobile and tell him of my answer............of course, they were still at the other hospital. Then she rang bro-in-laws mobile…no answer…turned off of course.

What next? I know, ping, as a light bulb went on above my head! My hubby is a patient at the trust and theyd have his mobile number on file! Yes! They did and he was called. He was told id lost my mobile.

He said he was in the carpark now and he`d see me as I came out.

But why didn`t he come to meet me? I had to reverse down that horrible, yellow ,plastic ramp on my own. I just shut my eyes and did it! Once back in the van, I asked if my bag was in there…hubby looked and rang my number…nowt!

Oh chuff and chuff and chuff! i`d have to ring the insurance, put a stop on my phone and organise a new one.

We got home, hubby opened up the house and flung my bag, complete with mobile and glaases, over my shoulder, saying,


So, I`d lost it before I left the house. Duh!


Poll - I always knew it wasn’t safe to let you out on your own - now you’ve just proven it!!!

Glad you got home safe and sound and that the scan was normal (something in your life has to be hehe).

I’m looking forward to the CT adventure.

Take care

JBK xx

I’m glad your scan is normal Poll. You remind me of one of my close friends, she can’t go anywhere without causing havoc Lol. Take care Noreen, xxx

I’m glad your appointment went well, a good outcome. Your story made me laugh, and well done for managing so well on your own. I could never have managed that myself. Cheryl:-)

Oh Poll. That was sooo funny. I really enjoy reading about your days out. So pleased your scan results were good.

Do you find people put the closed sign on the door when they see you coming? (Only joshing, you know what our sense of humour is like?)

I hope little Lucy has a better day tomorrow. Give her a cuddle from me.

Shazzie xx

Well done Poll, love reading of your daily exploits - do wish you would write a book. I too lost my mobile today. I had obviously dropped it getting into the car in our driveway and some kind person had slipped it into our wall mounted post box. (can’t have a ordinary letter box because the naughty doggies shred the post). Faith in human nature restored! Sorry Lucy isn’t so well. Give her a hug for me. It’s my dogs that keep me sane (well almost).

hi poll

oh blimey, these hospital refurbishments!

salford royal has had a major one and last time i went to see my ms neuro i parked in the old car park because it was nice and easy, just cross the road and you’re at the main entrance.

i walked for 50 minutes trying to get in the bloomin place.

then the nurse wanted me to do the timed walk, i told her i had nothing left in me.

but my dad goes to the same hospital to have his brain tumour checked and at least i knew not to park in the old car park.

i’m so glad the results were good for you.

carole xxx

Glad you results were good. Your hospital visit sounds like an ordeal. Take care Barney