this morning`s GP telephone appt

All me luvlies!

Had a tel appt with GP today and told her how badly the co-codamol made me. She said the doc who came out to see me at home, last Thursday had no conclusions about why I am in pain. She gave no comment about the meds, nor she did offer an alternative, even tho` I told her how much pain I am still in!

He and she have tried to contact my uro`s sec, with no luck.

She advised me to ring, which I have done and just got the ansaphone too. I left a message asking for an urgent appt with the doc. I will keep ringing.

District nurse has been to check my spc wound and is happy with its progress. She checked my painful heels too and said there is no sign of pressure problems. Oh the GP has followed neuros advice re pregabalin, so I`ll be starting on those today…just hope there are no nasty side effects. Should I expect any, do you reckon? On second thoughts, I wont start them today, for tomorrow is my 61st birthday…I dont want any nasty presents, do I?

Neuro`s letter to her re my last appt on 16th Sept, makes no mention of a scan…which she said she would do.??? Neuro did say she thinks the tum pain is something to do with spc surgery…so do I!

S`all for now guys!

luv Pollx

Not really a successful conclusion then Poll. Still no further forward. I hate when people don’t do things they say they will, ie make appointments etc. I sometimes feel like a medical secretary myself having to chase things up and checking to make sure appointments have been made that I was told were going to. As if life is not complicated enough for you without having to phone around too. Many happy returns of the day for tomorrow. Hope you have a good one with lots of lovely presents and no pain. hugs and take care Linda x

Hi there, pregabalin, is anti epileptic, pain killer and a mild relaxant. I was prescribed these and within 5 days I had to come off them, they do have a lot of side affects but each persons tolerance to them are different. They are known to cause cognitive and mood changes, something I was warned about by my neuro and G.p. I felt very I’ll and depressed and very groggy. That’s not say that’s the same for everyone. If you are able to tolerate and pass the “getting use to them stage”, they are actually a very effective drug and work well. Unfortunately for me I could tolerate them. But both my parents have these and they are both fine on them and have a better quality of life. Good luck

Oh, not good to hear how they affected you. Hope I have a better experience, but will expect initial down sides.


How’s it going Poll. Everything seems to be a battle and continuously battling for appointments. You have definitely been suffering since your op. Hope the tablets help Barney

Hi, ta for asking.

I`ll be posting a follow up on el shortly.