neuro appointment

Hi folks!

Saw neuro number 15 yesterday…a Polish lady who ran over her appointment times by 70 mins, so I put that down to her being new and thorough…I got the feeling she was very interested about my case…good!

We went through my list of current problems as follows;

  1. The pain in my tum since the spc op…she examined the area and asked lots of questions and decided it isnt nerve pain, but possibly 1 of 3 things…a hernia…or

soft tissue bruising from the op…or

an infection…

So in her letter to my GP (and she said I`ll get a copy), she will be asking for a scan.

  1. The heel pain…she will be asking GP to prescribe pregabalin.

  2. The floppy feet and thigh ache…she`s referring me to physio for orthosis (splints)

I didnt really think at the time (as often happens when we see neuros, eh?) to ask why she couldn`t do that herself with a hospital pharmacy script.

So I felt the appointment had gone well. I am now awaiting all the right things to happen, which will help with my problems.

I had a good sleep last night…the first for a while!

Who else is on pregabalin and has it helped?

luv POllx

Glad it went well Poll. Let’s hope she gets your problems all sorted xx

Oooh meant to say there’s a olaster out called versatis thats supposed to be good for neuro pain, you stick it where hurts apparently. Hope you get sorted Poll Axx

Hi Poll Seemed quite a positive appointment. Hope things get sorted to make you more comfortable. Glad you had a good sleep… luv Linda x

I take pregabalin and it helps but does not take pain away completely for me. One thing I’d question is the weight gain. I didn’t need it , had enough already! Hope the pregabalin helps you and you manage to get everything sorted. Best wishes Lynn

Hi again.

Just spoken to my OT who advised I ring GP to ask for pregabalin asap. I did that and receptionist has rung neuros secreatary who is going to fax letter and then hopefully, Ill be on the new drug before too long.

as for possible weight gain…hmmm…I am already battling with a lumpy body!

I`m eating a healthy diet and have cut out naughty stuff.

Lynn, what do you take pregablin for?

luv Pollx

Keep battling on Poll - I really hopeit all works for you. xxx

Moyna xxx

Hi Poll. Glad the neuro went well and listened to all the things on your list. Sounds like it was beneficial! !!! Hope the new meds help when you get them and you start feeling better. Kate x x x

I was taking propranolol for anxiety, amitriptylline for nerve pain and diazepam as a relaxant, I now take pregabalin and it does all three things. Marvellous! I only need a small dose so don’t experience any side effects. Hope it works for you too Poll x

Hi Poll, glad it went well with neuro and hope you manage to get some relief from your symptoms. Will keep everything crossed for you. Hugs Linda x

Hi Poll

Sounds like a positive appointment, I’m pleased for you. Will hope you get things sorted quickly.

Tracey x

Hi Poll, I just started on Pregabalin last week for nerve pain. I’ve found so far that anything above 25mg though makes me feel and act like I’ve been on a heavy drinking session, seriously fuzzy and that’s of zero use when trying to be a Mum to a wee boy!..however it does help with my pain, it dampens it down with me, even the 25mg I feel takes the edge off. Your Neuro appt sounds like it went well! I’ve got a Neuro Consultant appointment later on today. Cheers Jools X

Wow - a doctor that listens - hold onto that one Poll

I glad you had a good appointment and that it gets things sorted for you.

Take care hun