neurologists ???????

Had my appointment with Neuro today, I saw him a couple of months ago after my son paid for a private appointment as there was a long wait for NHS appt and hated seeing me in so much pain. Neuro sent me for a MRI and reffered me to rheumatology as I have been having lots of problems with pain, stiffness, pins and needles and weakness in my legs and feet, fatigue and increased bladder problems for the past 7- 8months. So today I was hoping for some answers/treatment. How presumptious was I.

When i went in he said How is everything I havent seen you for some time??? (2 months ago Privately)

I explained that the pain isnt improving and the pain (in my feet and legs ) is becoming more and more difficult to tolerate.

His reply was but you had surgery to correct this???

I had surgery on my right hand for Carpal Tunnel 2 years ago so i had to remind him of my probs with feet and legs, reminded him about the MRI to which he started to read the results which sounded familiar, turned out he was looking at an MRI that I had last year not one I had 1 month ago. I had a Emg/nerve conduction test 3 weeks ago which was carried out under supervision of a proffesor in Rheumatology so I asked if he had the results from that. Yes got them but Neuro not happy as it shows quite bad nerve damage. Ok so we better do it again to make sure??? Great…not

Neuro thinks I should try Gabapentin to help with the pain ??? what the hell, Iv been taking damn Gabapentin for ten years

whats wrong with these people

Appolgies for rant but feeling a little let down today

Kimbo - no apologies needed. We’ve all been there. Sorry cant help but I feel your frustration. Some doctors are a different breed. But hang in there as there are some good neuros out there. Perhaps someone could recommend one in your area Lots of hugs Min xx

Thanks Min

Big Huggs Back at you


this is the first time i have been on the ms site for a long time and your story about you going privately at first and your neuro taking rubbish is so much like me its clear not much has changed recently where neuro’s are rant away we all do that to get through the

Years ago when I was in limbo land my husband and I went to see the neuro to get results of MRI etc.

He leafed through some papers on his desk and said “well good news you definitely don’t have MS” The relief was short lived however when my husband leaned over and reading upside down said “they’re not my wife’s notes”. A look at the right notes had a very red faced neuro back tracking with “errum it could be MS”

Mind you I remember one parents evening many years ago (I was a very young primary school teacher) when two parents sat down in front of me and said their name. I didn’t catch it so asked them to repeat it, a mumble later and I still didn’t know who they were. I apologised and asked again – another mumble and I’m no nearer knowing. By this time I was panicking and the dad was getting very bad tempered. I tried for a forth go but still didn’t get it so I launched into a very bland description of a year’s work from their child (whoever the hell it was) The following day at coffee a colleague asked why the parents of one of her class was talking to me!


My son has relasping MS. He is married to someone who was diagnosed with bipolor disorder when she was a teenager but convinced him and. Our whole family she wasn’t bipolor, she was adopted when she was small by a family that treated her bad. They have a three year old daughter that is picking up bad behavior because of the bad environment which she lives. My son’s wife has mentally abused him for at least 3 yrs. Each evening she comes with a bad attitude talks to him like a dog in front of their daughter. I have talked to him till I’m blue in the face, he says he puts up with it because of his daughter. There has to be help somewhere, this is no5 good for my granddaughter or my son. There is no talking to her, she also has high blood pressure and want take her meds. Says there isn’t anything wrong with her. We don’t know what to do, we know it’s not good for him or our granddaughter, we don’t want to loose our granddaughter, me and my husband are her only biological grandparents. Does anyone know of anything we can do to get some help.

Hi Nan, I dont think your reply will get much attention here, as it is in between a post about something different.

Why not put it into the everyday living board as a new thread? You`ll get more replies there.

The situation you describe, with your son is such a sad and difficult one.

Until your daughter in law realises and admits she does have a problem, I dont know what will happen.


Thank you Boudice I’m new at this and trying to get some advice.

I have been frustrated with my whole MS team for a couple of years at Morriston hospital here in Swansea. Over the last two years my MS has gradually got worse, my mobility is all over the place some days, the distance I can walk is a third of what is was 12 months ago and is getting even worse. So I do what I was told to do when first diagnosed, I call the MS center at Morriston Hospital, leave a message describing whats going on, and then about a week or so later your “specialist nurse” will get back to you asking "what is going on ", LOL, listen to the recording you dip stick… And whats the point in waiting almost 2 weeks before returning my call !!! My last consultation was 2 days ago which was set up by my “specialist nurse”, I use the word “specialist” very very loosely, when mentioning this fella. I didnt ask to see a consultant, because I keep hearing the same cr*p, but I think this time a meeting was set because this “specialist nurse” is fed up of hearing my voice on his answer phone every few months. On this occasion I saw a different neuro to the usual one, apparently they’ve brought this new one in as they are getting very busy. As soon as I sat down the first thing she said was, "so then I hear you wanted come in because you have lots of questions ", umm no, you sent for me I didnt ask to see you !! I could just tell this this was all set up by my “specialist nurse” just to get me off his back . The consultation was nothing more than a pep talk, a “come on spirits up old chap” type of thing. Each time I mentioned my meds, which at the moment is only Pregablin, which are not doing anything for me, good or bad, it was just fobbed off ! The only thing they kept chatting about was stretching in the mornings. I can honestly say that when I got back to my car I just broke down, which is not like me at all, people look at me and see someone who can hold his own, but they dont see whats going on inside. I sat in the car and it’s the first time that I actually thought, this is it, theres no real help going to come from anyone, especially that bunch of tossers in there ! If I could have had my “specialist nurse” stand in front of me right at that time, he would of felt exactly how wobbly legs feel !!! I just hope that now and then these people take a look at sites such as this and read how some MS patients actually feel.