Private neuro frustration.

Hi all,

I’ve paid to privately see a neurologist as I thought the process would be quicker but turns out in this case it’s not. I’ve had scans of my brain showing demyelination and then another scan of my spine which showed loss of cervical lordosis and other problems with my discs. I had a follow up appointment booked in but the secretary emailed to say it had been cancelled and that the neuro would write to me. In my head I thought it must be good news if he’s writing to me. Now four weeks after my appointment was cancelled ans still no sign of a letter I’ve been told I need to go in and see him face to face for a follow up. She asked if I can do this Wednesday which I can then replied saying there’s actually no space now! I’m not really sure what I’m asking but if I do manage to get my app do you think I should prepare for the worst? I’ve kind of got my head around the MS thing now but it’s all just hypothetical at this stage still.

Well you couldn’t write it, could you?

Seems like private appointments can be as hard to get as NHS with your experience!

All this is bound to worry you but whatever happens know that a lot of us here, have gone through the process and understand how you feel.


Thank you, it’s just so frustrating as they keep fobbing me off. I was admitted to hospital on the 17th may and had my private appointment not long after and now still waiting. Really hoping I get answers either way x

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I thought about offering to pay whatever they would charge for those without insurance if they could get me in earlier. Feel tho like I am cheating but as you said it may not help. Doesn’t anyone choose field of neurology anymore?

Well I’ve got a telephone appointment with my neuro tomorrow evening as he couldn’t fit me in face to face and wants to speak to me so I guess I’ll know more tomorrow. Hopefully!

I really hope you get some answers.

I have been “lucky” with the NHS timescales. Had my after MRI appointment with the hospital last week. They did not say a lot just did some tests on me and said will book me in for another MRI in 6 weeks. 4/5 months after the first one.