Private neuro appointment!

I am due to see a private neurologist on Wednesday as the NHS waiting list is 16 weeks. My anxiety won’t allow me to wait that long!

What do I need to take with me?

What can I expect from the appointment?

will the neuro have access to my NHS records?

Thanks I’m clueless with it all. Just know I need to be seen asap


Hi Becca

Phone the private neuros secretary and ask them what information they already have.

Write down a list of what has happened to you, the rough dates, and how long each symptom has lasted.

Write yourself a note of what you want to gain from the appointment.

Don’t be shy about referring to your notes in the appointment.

Take someone with you if possible to remember what is said and what is recommended. It’s entirely likely you’ll leave the room and say ‘what the hell did s/he say?’




That is top advice from Sue. Also try to remember it is a conversation, not a 2 part monlogue, so if you do not think the neurologist is taking stuff in or listening you may need to be 5 % more pushy than you are normally. The other thing I have said previously is “You are the expert of how you feel” and imagine how one of your “harder to please” friends (we all have one) would ensure they were satisfied with the conversation . You will never get all the answers you want but a bit of preparation and forethought will help get the most out of your consultation (plus you are paying for the time).

Good luck


Ok so I just got a letter to say the hospital will see me on the 1st September :slight_smile: so I’m cancelling the private one as I guess it will be better to have all my records available at the appointment.

Can my doctor give me anything to ease the pressure feeling around my ribs? I think it’s what you call the ms hug



well it isnt long till then, so that`s good.

not sure if your gp can give you anything for the hug type pain.

cant harm to ask, eh?


Gp offered diazepam but I don’t like taking it. I’m not in any pain it just feels weird.

Will soldier on until the 1st x

Dear Becca

Good advice already. I did the same - saw private £150… I took list of symptoms and dates. I took a list of questions. I phoned the secretary and gave permission for them to access my scan (very important) and I took my husband and gave him a pen and paper (my memory is shockingly bad).

note of caution though…my private neurologist diagnosed me, gave me a course of steroids, told me to let DVLA and insurers etc know. I have recently met with the NHS neurologist and on ‘forgetting to get the scan images’, he is starting the process again. So I am a little confused.

warmest thoughts Patience x