neuro appointment update

After ripping my hair out at the prospect of having to wait 12/13 weeks for a neuro appointment i decided to pay privately for a neuro consultation (£150) I went to my neuro appointment last night less than 36 hours after my initial enquiry. He did the normal things like collect a bit of history from me, tapping of kness and elbows. I was dissapointed that he did not ask me to touch my nose as i had been practising this move!!..

He is referring me for a CT/MRI brain and spine. This will be done in or around the 3rd sep . The delay in this is because he is on annual leave. I dont feel bothered by this, despite my previous inpatience because i have a date now to ‘look forward to’ and i now feel that something is getting done. He also said that he hoped that by the end of september he hoped that we could draw a conclusion as to what the problem is…If i had not been able to go down this line i could have still been waiting for the initial NHS appointment.

£150 is a lot of money to us but i feel it is money well spent as waiting 12/13 weeks would have cost more to my health and well being.


Good for you! Waiting to be put on a waiting list and a 3 month or so wait on the list is awefulThe about 4 week wait for MRI for me was MUCH more bearable for me too too.

Hi Yvette,

The referral will be made on the 3rd Sep, or the actual scan? If it’s the actual scan, it implies that will also be private. Or does he really think he can secure you an NHS slot so soon? Be careful, because if he’s booking you for a private scan (I’m not saying he is, but it does sound like it), that will be hundreds of pounds. Does he definitely understand you were only planning on paying for the consultation, and that your fees won’t be met by insurance?

I’m worried you’ll get a lovely quick scan, but a not so lovely big bill! If he’s sending you to the NHS for the scan, what does him being on leave have to do with it?



I’m with Tina on this one - just make sure that the scans are on the nhs as they are expensive paying privately. MRI scan is around £500-£750 depending on the hospital and depending on the location. I’m just a little confused that if the scans are being done on the nhs then him being on leave shouldn’t have anything to do with it as all he needs to do is put the request for the scans in and the hospitals do everything else in regards to fitting in the scan.

Hi, no the doctor is able to refer me for NHS scan. He needs to be present just before to sign it off to the NHS. I did not question this too much i was just so happy that i have a time line in my mind. He is well aware that the consultation was only my agreed payment to him.

I will keep you informed.