Going Private

I saw the neurologist for the first time yesterday. I went private as my gp said it wasn’t a good idea to wait 4 months for an appointment. He tested my reflexes which were all ok. He said that was a good think but doesn’t alway indicate what’s happening. He wants me to have an MRI but then tried to persuade me that I should go private rather than waiting for NHS which he said is 6 weeks at the moment. I’m confused why he wanted it quickly and when I asked what the difference in time could mean he clammed up on me. I came out quite worried so I have agreed to go private for the scan. Has anyone else had the same problem. Also has anyone had an ok on their reflexes but still had a diagnosis.

My local hospital told me it was a 2 year wait to see the Neuro so I went private and the Neuro referred me to his nhs clinic to have mri done I had to wait 6 weeks for the mri done I just told him I couldn’t afford to stay private with being unable to work at the minute and it was no problem, if you do get the mri done privately then most likely you will have to see the Neuro privately again for the results


I saw my neuro for my MRI results yesterday. I did have the MRI privately but only because I had insurance to cover that. I certainly wouldn’t have had the funds to pay for a private MRI and during the discussion yesterday I asked to be referred back into the NHS for the blood work and possible lumbar puncture.

Depending on what type of MRI you’re referred for, there may still be a small waiting list anyway. I was referred for brain, orbits and full spine, with contrast. The scan took ages and I had to wait a couple of weeks for an appointment.

It doesn’t really answer your question, but my reflexes were all fine at the first appointment and the MRI didn’t pick much up.

Good luck, whatever you decide to do :slight_smile:


Hi Ang,

So you have had one private appointment; he wants you to have a private MRI then presumably another private appointment for the results. Sorry sounds like money grabbing gits, but I may be wrong.

If your MRI shows nothing you’re going to be in a dilemma. He will then probably suggest one with contrast; private again.

If its 6 weeks wait for an MRI in your area on the NHS go for it. Just send me half the money you would have paid private; lol

Sounds like you have jumped out the frying pan. You should have asked on here if anyone could recommend a good Neuro in your area. Still, you are where you are; get back on the NHS…


Hi, I went private initially, as there was a 10 month waiting list to see a neuro. That was back in 1999. Then I had an MRI on NHS.

Nowadays I dont think 6 weeks is a long time to wait for an MRI…the cost will be really high.

I dont think a delay of a few weeks is going to make a big difference in the outcome.

But if youve already agreed and paid, est la vie.


[quote=“ggood”] If your MRI shows nothing you’re going to be in a dilemma. He will then probably suggest one with contrast; private again.

[/quote] TBH, if he did say you needed an MRI with contrast straight after a negative initial scan I would be asking to check his qualifications! A scan with contrast helps to age lesions that are already there not show ones that couldn’t be seen.

I’m another one that would suggest going straight into the NHS process for your scan and all future tests. 6 weeks isn’t a massive wait and, in the terms of how long the tests necessary to make a neurological diagnosis tend to take you aren’t actually going to save yourself much time.