First NHS neuro app

For 4 months now I have had neuro type symptoms that are awful ( numbness, pins and needles, needing a wee all the time, vertigo etc) 4 weeks ago I saw a private neuro. I ran through my symptoms and he basically diagnosed anxiety after saying he could run tests like mri etc but based on my anxiety issues he didn’t. No tests required he said. I kept my NHS app as I wasn’t totally convinced.

So after 15 weeks saw the NHS neuro, he had a student with him. Went on notes about symptoms made by gp ( pins and needles etc) and seemed to really latch onto bladder probs. He laughed when he said ‘your notes show you are worried about ms’.

He examined me and I don’t know why but I felt a prat because I kept getting confused, the extra person in there put me off. He asked me a lot of questions about exercise etc. He said my neuro exam was ‘reassuringly normal, but he will send me for an mri which isn’t likely to show much’ If it is clear then he said they will look into psychological causes. No other physical causes were mentioned.I found the appointment rushed. I will have an mri within four weeks. The neuro said 15 weeks was too long to wait and he didn’t want me to have these worries. I really hope the scan is clear, my ms fears are really kicking in again. It isn’t so much ms more this perpetual limbo, it has been so hard.

I don’t know what to make of it all really I am just sick of this to be honest. I forgot to ask about how long results will take. Will I get told if it something bad by post ?

Anyway just updating.Thanks for reading.


Hi ya Kat,

hope your feeling better atm,

i have been told that roughly six weeks after having mri done you should get results.

did the neuro make another appointment with you? If so that might be to discuss results then,

what I suggest is when you have you scan ask the person scanning your for approx time for results, use that as time frame and if need be ring up after that time to see what the result maybe.

And just to reassure you sweetheart the limboland bit is enough to make anyone anxious, so please please try and do something you love within your limitations and enjoy this time between now and scan time,

What you need to do is remember you have come this far, and your here your breathing and you can smile, and think positive thoughts, your have answers once you have had the scan, unfortunately there isn’t a time machine to speed things up, but that don’t mean you have to worry about weather or. Or you have Ms in the meantime, be positive and live your life, as after your results you will be doing the same but with some answers,

been thinking of you lately unfortunately I haven’t been on lately, but I’m back now so no excuse for a frown, let’s get that smile back on your face and have positive thoughts x x

heidI x x

p.s I know how your feeling as well my love I’m still waiting for my scan x x

Hi Kat,

This gives you an idea what to expect Diagnosing Multiple Sclerosis

When you go for your scan say you want to buy a copy; costs about £10; they cannot refuse freedom of information act.

May sound silly but the number of times they lose it then the second time you go they do not have a comparison.