today`s appointment with GP nurse

All all!

This morning I got up and rushed to get ready for an appt at 10.30am with GPs nurse. Now for the normal people on this planet, a 10.20am appointment is perfectly do-able, but in our world it isnt always, eh?

Anyway my carer put some new trousers on me and they felt big. She got me up and agreed, they were too big. So she had to quickly find some leggings and get me into them.

Anyway we got to the surgery in the nick of time. ive never used those new fangled self arrival thingies. I havent explained that very well, but I hope you know what I mean! it told me to check with receptionist. I did so, she looked puzzled as she checked for my name. it wasn`t there!

Apparently my appt was for 12.20pm!!! Doh! All that chuffin` rushing about for nowt! Luckily, nurse could fit me in and I didnt have to come home to go back later.

Anyroad, my BP was fine, blood tests showed raised ALT levels in liver function. I didnt know squat about what it means. I asked if it is serious…she said no, but had to repeat the test. Hmmm? Any suggestions about that please? BUT do not frighten me! I am not a big drinker and have an occassional glass of rose wine, maybe 6 times a year!

My cholesterol level is good, at 4.3. I was quizzed about my diet and I was truthful…most days it is healthy, with a scattering of choccy and gooey cake.

I asked if there was any news re contacting the uro re the pain in my tum since the spc op…I saw on the pc, a letter which my GP sent to the uro 4 days ago. So, GP has done as much as she can and so now I await info on seeing the uro.

I still have the pain.

I started the pregabalin a couple of days ago, for nerve pain in my heels…no benefit as yet. it hasnt made me feel groggy or owt.

S`all for now folks!


(((( xxxx ))))

Poll your adventures continue. But it is nice to see your humour returning to your posts. Getting ready for times is not good for us, I always have to start getting ready hours before any normal person would. I now start work at 10 but get up the same time for those that start 8:30. Sending you a hug

Oh Poll, all that fuffing about when you could have taken your time! thats so anoying. Bet you are glad to be home. Good news on BP and cholesterol. Choccie biscuits can remain then. I’ve had raised liver doodahs (thats a technical term) twice now. I just stay off the paracetamol cause like you I’m not a big drinking person - about one glass of wine a month, if even.

Good luck with getting the heel pain & your spc sorted

lots of hugs hun

JBK xx

Aw Poll your life really is an adventure, maybe not always a good adventure but an adventure all the same. Hope your heel pain gets sorted soon and everything else for that matter. Hugs Linda x