Finally got some neews about GP

Hope everyone is ok.

I am finally going to get a GP who I can see everytime I need to go and I have only managed this by going to a different doctors surgery.

The final straw came today I rang them for a appointment with a doctor to get some more pain killers and I got asked over the phone why I needed to see the doctor and what was the reason I needed them for. After saying that I wasn't happy about saying over the phone cause I had some more problems I wanted to talk about (being getting pins and needles in hands and legs all the time if anyone can help on this would like the help) but still got told no I couldnt see a doctor. So after finally giving in I then got told that I would have to wait until after 4pm TOMORROW (and I rang a t 9.30 this morning) to see if I was allowed anymore pain killers. So once again my local GP surgery has let me down again so I was straight on the phone again to another surgery and explained the problems I was having and if they would let m register with them with my husband and 2 boys and they asked about outstanding health problems which was more than happy telling them and they said yes thats fine. All I have to do is get to them to pick up new patients form but I can do that.

Just wanted to share casue there are some nice doctor surgerys out there.

Take care all



I can kind of understand the need for GP appointments to be used wisely, but since when do receptionists have the medical training to know who should and shouldn't see a GP?! And who wants to tell some random, untrained, office worker about their medical problems??

That kind of system completely sucks.

I hope your new surgery works out really well for you!

Karen x

Hi Allie,

Well done you.happy2

Lets hope they dont see you very ofton.

Take Care,Stay Healthy.


Good move Allie.

My surgery does the same. Getting past the dragon gate keepers at reception is really hard. :-(


Thanks everyone

Monica I agree with you they should go back to taking there time and listen to the patients instead of not listening to what they are saying. My old surgery i never saw the same doctor twice so you would have to explain the reason why you needed you tablets again and again and I just got fed up with it. My MS nurse wrote to the 4 times and I asked then no less than 10 times to refer me to the pain clinic and it was only when I said i would go to my MP to get me refered if I had to. Then things got sorted but things should be like that. Also one day I went down to my gp and got told there was a medical emergency and later found out after waiting for two hours past my appointment time cause i would have to have waited another 2 weeks before he could see me again and found out his emergency was a cup of coffee.

I had to get permission to move doctors cause really we dont fall into there area even though it is only a five minute bus ride away cause we dont drive but I am so glad we have been told we can go there now.

Take care everyone and thanks again

Allie xxx