Lovely new GP!

Saw GP today who asked me to book a double appointment so I can go back to square one and she can get her head around what has been happening to me. She is thinking of sending me to a London hospital renowned for neurology for a 2nd opinion (can’t remember where she said but not the usual big names I think).

Anyhow, she has made me happy

Hi D Ha ing a GP that gives a shi* makes all the difference. Irrespective of the hospital name she has sent yo for a second opinion. The main thing is you are happy wih that Positive mental attitude Take care Mx

I know the feeling Deb Ive got a nice new one too, she is lovely and obviously cares about her patients. I was thinking of changing surgeries cus I dont think the other gp’s were listening. Things are moving forward. :wink: Frank.

Wow how come we got two pages same same ? F.xx

Fluffs mate - if people have double vision that aint my fault!

I wrote the other one first but it didn’t appear so I rewrote it later on. Posts were playing up yesterday I think. Oh well!