going to see GP when in Limbo??

Hi There

Really just want a little advice as dont like constantly going to see GP …Feels like we are constantly moaning.

A year ago i was diagnosed with CIS probable MS… Constantly having pins and needles in my feet and right hand and i know why that is thanks to Rizzo who kindly explained my MRI results.:slight_smile: Anyway over last week i have been slowley getting

tired and taking very short dizzy spells only lasting seconds but stopping me in my tracks. Its nothing major but do i go see my GP or just continue as if this is normal. What i can remember when i took my first episode this was one things that happened. Anyway besides that want to thank everyone on here not that i comment much but the support and advice you all give each other is fantastic and makes people feel we are not alone…

Ohh i also had a visit last week from socila work who are getting me a new banister on the stair to help me getting up and down and also putting a hand rail in shower for me to hold onto getting in and out shower … I can still do these things but do struggle…

Anyway just wanted a little advice which you are all good at

Mandy xx

Really not 100% sure as I’m new to all of this( hoping to get a neuro referral today) but think I’d probably pop back to the gp. X

Thanks Arwen , hope you get a refferal keep us upto date …

Mandy x

Yep, off to the GP I think. Vertigo can be caused by all sorts of things (e.g. ear infection, neurological conditions, viruses), so it may be fixable or it may be something that the neuro should know about. Either way, the GP is the person to see.

Karen x

Thx Karen i will give her a phone just wasnt sure as it only lasted seconds on a few occasions but enough to stop me in my tracks also cant put my finger on it but just havent felt right all weekend … Anyway feeling better apart from stiff legs but nothing new there lol

Mandy x