Step one.....check!

Hi All Last time I posted I wasn’t sure whether to go see my GP, well I’d booked a routine appt but as usual couldn’t get in for 4 weeks and then on Saturday my face went numb on the right side, and the itching was intense. That was my excuse to book an emergency appt yesterday (Monday) morning. Saw a lovely doctor who pretty much said straight away he would refer for a neuro appt, do bloods in the meantime in case that shows anything and hey presto all my worries about going and sounding neurotic gone in a puff! I’m on Gabapentin at the moment for Trigeminal Neuralgia so some of my MS like symptoms could be side effects of the medication but he said it was odd that some things have been happening for a couple of years. Funnily enough he’d read back through my notes before he saw me and a number of things I’d been to see my GP with previously as isolated things could all be linked but were either unexplained at the time or put down as other things like anaemia/early menopause like the dizziness, itching, numb patch on leg etc. of course that could be the case but I’m on the road to finding out!! I just wanted to say I love this forum, the stats say it won’t be MS but while I’m finding out it’s so helpful to be able to be around people who are on the same journey or who have already done it. I no longer feel neurotic or a hypochondriac so thanks all. Ok, now off to lose some weight just in case I need an MRI, those holes look pretty small and I don’t want to be like a sausage being squeezed into its skin ha ha!! Thanks Sarah

Good news Sarah! I’m glad your gp took you seriously and you now have a referal.

I hope you get some answers soon.