Different GPs

well i have just got back from seeing a different GP. One who actually listened to me and was quite appalled by the previous GP. Same practice, just different GP. 

well anyway, this one has put me on steroids, signed me off for a month, and is going to speak to the neurologist about getting me a quicker appointment (mine is on 3rd July). And she actually took the time and effort to listen to me and to ask me questions. She was amazed (appalled) that previous GP didnt take the letter from Optholomologist, and that is now being faxed to neuro. She also made a quick phone call to find out about the MRI I had a couple of weeks ago.. she said that was fine, but apparently I will need another one with contrast dye (?) as it was fine 'in respect that you dont have a brain tumour'. Thank God for that (glad I didnt know they were looking for one though as I would have worried!). Anyway, all in all a 'good' day for me. Health wise though I ache all over. My arm is jerking alot of the time and I keep getting twitching arms and legs, my face still has a numb patch, both eyes are still really blurred, and my thumbs keep locking (?) which is really painful and my back spasms are worse than ever (approx 40 times yesterday). So although Im still falling to pieces, at least I have been listened to you! Yay :D 

hope you are all having a good day xx

Hi there!

I would stick with that gp if i were you.

A gp that listens to someone with ms is a rare thing in my experience! lol!

I have seen 3 in the same practice and have had bad experiences with all of them!

I have been diagnosed but the battle to get any help from the gp goes on and now i just go directly to my ms nurse who is my lifeline!

Teresa, x

I plan to stick with this one Teresa. Seems to actually know what she is talking about too xx



Karen x

What a difference! You’ve hit on a good one there. Hang on to her!

Teresa xx

Thanks people xx I just want to find out whats wrong with me. Thats all. Whatever it is I will deal with it when I have a name for it. Till then, just to be listened to and supported is great. Thank you all xx

That is brilliant news.

I changed surgerys and doctor and hay presto I got a litening ear and tests done...

Good for you in seeing another gp who actually listened and acted on what you said. Stick with them they are a rarity.

Take care


Onwards and upwards.


Sounds great a really proactive caring GP . Always see this one to get best possible care. Good to hear good doctor stories