scan results

Hi guys! Dunno if you are managing to keep warm…massive gales due tonight/tomorrow. I am swathed in a fleece, with another round my legs and feet.

I do hope it`s calm for friday, as I am taking my 3 carer golden girls out for a festive lunch, to show my gratitude for their wonderful caring.

Got a letter today re my scan of last week…only 1 week ago andgot the report already…crikey! It was to try to find the cause of serious pain, following my spc op in July.

Anyroad it says there was nothing seen, but I am having a CT KUB scan sometime, to check as the uro suspects there may be a ureteric calculus…I know, I`ve had to google it too!

It made for interesting reading…one of the causes is immobility…bingo! That`s me!

I dont have the pain since going on pregabalin, back in September, but if I were to come off it, would that excrutiating pain return?

Just to update you, I love my spc, it makes my life sooooomuch easier, safer and happier.

luv Pollx

That was a quick response poll. I sometimes too scared to google what it says in those letters. As I had one once which completely freaked me out, my GP didn’t know what is was talking about either. I then saw my MS neurologist and she automatically said you haven’t got that so don’t worry about it. I hope you have a good lunch out. Enjoy the grandchildren over the festivities Barney