Scan date in

ive had a pretty good day. My blue badge arrived so can now park where is convenient.

But more importantly my mri scans with dye appointment arrived so ive got a date of 12th march so pleasantly surprised just 2 weeks to go.

my legs have a mind of their own a muscle has been burning down the othe outside of my bum leg today it feels weak which im thinking would be like another relapse and my right leg doesnt want to lift up any length of time.

But the sun was shining beautiful day so went and bought some summer clothes to my daughter, yellow and white is so clean and refreshing with socks that match and a bow. I apologise now to any guys reading this. Tried them on and cant wait for summer to start. And my son started golf lessons today and was delighted, i will definately be getting fresh air this week a he says he needs to practice in the garden, will have to make sure the car isnt in the garden as he has a lot of power.

hopefully the neuro will decide to put me on 2nd line treatment to try and get some life back


I can almost feel the suns heat reading your post. You sound really positive good for you, it’s so easy to allow ourselves to get miserable with our varying sympomts. Posts like this are really good for lifting the spirits when one is feeling rather low!

Thank you

Freckles xxx

Thats good to hear!! Im waiting for mine to come through. Seems to be taking forever! I hope it all goes well and you get the results you’re looking for. You will have to let me know what its like with the dye as I havent had one before and thats what Iv got to have xx

Good news, hope you gets some results Having MRI with contrast dye feels no different than one without, completely the same Good luck Gray x

I seem to be quite lucky up here sammiejo. I wasn’t supposed to see neuro until end of march but after a quick appointment with ms nurse on a fri which left me none the wiser I got a phone call on the tues to see neuro on the Friday. So my scan will be 4 1/2 weeks after that appointment. So guessing up here I’m quite lucky. I chatted with someone who has ms up here and she said I was lucky to have dr gerrie as my neuro as she is excellent. I’m really struggling at the minute with a young baby and 4 yeR old. The dog now had his own personal dog walker so he’s happy. I was just getting stronger and going to move willow home and I’m hit with another relapse and they like targeting my legs. Grrrr. I’m not worried about the dye it’s the brain scan I for into trouble big time last time for fidgeting. I wasn’t scared or anything just like to fidget. Thanks for all the wishes

It’s also landed on my ex husbands birthday which will be the first since we separated so at least I’ll be to occupied to think about it

Last time I had an MRI i kept coughing as i was just at the end of a cold and I got told off haha! Its hard to stay still that long but luckily its not a full body scan as heard they can take 2.5 hours xx

I got a stern we will stop the scan and put you home Think I’d need a horse tranquilizer

Bit extreme of them!! They could just ask nicely! Id say i was having a muscle spasm haha x