I am amazed at my hospital, at last they are doing something right with their appointments. I only saw the consultant last Friday and today I got a phone call to book an MRI scan for this Thursday, I can’t believe it, I’ve had to wait up to 4 months in the past, I’ve had 4 MRIs over the years and always had to wait months in pain to get one. Anyway, I can’t make it this Thursday but have it booked for the 17th instead, I’m just amazed at how quick I’m being seen.


Mine were amazingly quick as well - had a phone call a week after seeing the neurologist, and then the appointment was a couple of days after that. (Was my first MRI). Hurrah for short waiting times!

Mine was quick too 3 days and diagnosed but have to say my GP is on the ball and already suspected what it was. Dread the day she leaves never had such a sympathetic doctor but I know the time is near :frowning:


i had huge relapse in june. car has had to go. still right side and speech affected. eventually saw neuro beg of oct and said mri would be arranged. i phoned last week-still no appt. phonecall 1/2 hr ago offering appt for tomorrow! crazy! will i just leave kids unattended?! offered 3.20pm.hosp is hal;f an hr away. so now 26th nov thru the day.

much prefer the service u seem to have!

ellie x