Scan Results

Thought I would post as I went to get the results from my latest MRI scan. This one was to see if after being on Avonex for 4 months whether any new lesions had appeared as if so they were going to advise for me to go on Rebif. Having prepared myself for the change of meds I have been told today no changes have taken place which I am taking as a good thing as earlier this year between scan 2 and 3 which were 3 months apart there were new lesions. I know this doens’t mean things won’t change or mean i won’t relapse but I am pleased.

Wishing you all a good New Year.


Hi Tracey, that is good news. Just wondering though, is it routine for your neurologist to schedule 3 montly MRIs while you are on Avonex? im on Copaxone, and no mention on another MRI. Im guessing though, if Im feeling well on this, there would be no need to do the MRI again. Wishing you a Happy and Healthy New Year x .

I don’t live in the UK so I guess it might depend on where you live, I have an MS Nurse and a Specialist who deals with all the MS and various other illnesses here and a Neuroligist who visits monthly but if needed in between, I presume we get referred to him in the UK.

I had a MRI of my neck when this all started in March of this year as they thought it was a disc problem causing weakness in my left arm then I called back for a head MRI and then got told 2 weeks later there was evidence of demylination. Which was a huge shock as until Feb/march of this year I had not suffered with any random symptoms. I then had a scan 3 months later and as new lesions was advised to start meds of my choice. After seeing my MS nurse and talking through them I decided on Avonex because it was more discreet then some of the others and I could get in a pre-filled syringe so didn’t have to make it up and it was only once a week. I then saw Neurologist in October and he said given my age they wanted to keep this as it is for as long as possible so recommended being scanned in December which meant I had been on Avonex for 3 and a bit months. I asked yesterday whether I will be scanned when I see specialist again in 6 months time and he scan not if all like it is now but once he had spoken to Neurologist I may have another one at some stage in the future.

Hope you have a good New Year too.