Wait is over

So happy! Received call from the hospital this morning with an appointment to go in and have my supra-pubic catheter fitted on May 3.

Hi hun. I do hope the procedure goes well.

I understand the cut may be sore for a while. I think district nurses will come and clean/dress it for you.

I did ask my GP about an SPC, but she quickly dismissed the idea, saying they cause infections. Were you referred to a urologist by your GP. What problems were you having? If you prefer, you could pm me.

But when I have read up on the subject, it says they are much less likely to cause an infection, than the in-dwelling type. This is partly due to a wider tube.

I did have one of those for 5 months and although I did have a variety of problems, I never got an infection.

So far this year, Ive had 4! Im wetting again and GP is referring me for a bladder scan.

I`ll be looking out for your post to see how you are.

Good luck.

luv Pollx