Just had a Supra-Pubic Catheter...

Operation last week. So far, so good!

Good luck Marcus. Hope it improves your life.

luv Pollx


           You will soon get use to it - it is such a life-style changer. Make sure you drink plenty of water.

lf you need any advice re SPC - try the Streetsie website. Lots of info on spc's from folk who plenty of experience.




I have one too, as above, drink and drink and more drink!

Hi good luck Marcus i have had mine nearly 9 years now

it has been a godsend to me.

As previous posters have said drink,drink and more drink



Thanks for all your support and advice. I am 'slowly' getting used to 'the feeling of needing to pass water' - and not going to the nearest toilet! - a godsend especially when already in bed. Haven't tried sex yet and it will be quite strange (after over 6 months). But I would recommend it to everyone!

Marcus. x. 

Hi Marcus

Thats really good news!

hope it continues to work well for you.

best wishes

Teresa. x

The 'sex' bit will be with my wife but she is Irish (and Catholic) so I'll have to be on my best behaviour?

Marcus. x.

Good Luck with the spc Marcus. Hope it really improves your life.

Teresa xx

So far, so good. Only one 'leak' but  the nurse said it was probably just a 'bent tube' and that has been nine days now - I never even saw the surgeon (in the operating room) - one minute, I was awake and I had to check the clock just to see that the operation had been done - I didn't 'feel' a thing and I had to ask the nurse if the operation had been done? I counted 14 (female) nurses and I was only in for one night!

Marcus. x.

Marcus - As an 'old hand' at SPC's - to avoid the kinking - which of course stops the flow and then causes you to leak - my method is this. l have a short length silicone catheter and direct valve bags - 600ml. l tie the bag with a lace/cord around my waist - the bag sits neatly across my tum just below the waist. So the drainage bag is not hanging onto my leg. lt means l can wear tight jeans leggings - even shorts without it being detected. But more importantly, no tubes to kink and no weight dragging on the catheter site. lts all very neat and tidy. My District Nurses think its a brilliant way of managing it.

And its so easy to empty as l only have to undo top button to get the tap end out.

l do not even link up to a night bag - as l find the 600ml bag enough to last me through the night - This method has worked for me for about 18yrs.