urologist said yes!!!!!!!!!!!

Afternoon pals!

So, I saw the urologist yesterday re a supra pubic catheter.

I`ve had so many accidents and discomfort with my bladder for ages now. And wet myself 5 times in the last 2 days! Not terrribly lady-like I know!

I had a wee at 1.10pm and set off for my 2.10pm appointment. I actually got in to see the doc at 3.25pm!!! So, yes of course, I was holding on to my bladder.

Sis went with me for morale support.

Uro said hed had a look at my hospital file................if he had read it all, he wouldnt have seen daylight for weeks and weeks, there`s so much in them.

He asked me how my bladder is affected…told him I recently had 4 utis and discovered I was retaining quite alot. He said as no-one really knows what is actually wrong with me, he said hed need to scan my kidneys and then have me in to stretch` my urethra, incase it was too narrow and causing the retention. Then see if it made a difference. Then do the spc.

But I said that wouldnt solve my accidents, as my lack of any mobility, hampers my time in getting to a loo.

He agreed and we decided not to bother with the stretch. But he does want me to have the scan first and then the spc op. He did say i would probably leak through the usual passage and need to wear pads. I said that I didnt mind that too much.

He asked if I had any questions, so I had chance to broach the main query, which has been bothering me big time…the size of my tum.

Well he didnt seem to think that would cause any specific problems and said i would have to keep the outlet scrupulously clean! Well I would, wouldn`t I? My morning carer is a nurse, so she knows how to look after me.

Just before leaving his office, i asked the uro if he could do me today…he said no!

He said it will all happen in a few weeks.

Now I am not naive enough to think it will be all plain sailing. I am expecting the first 2/3 weeks to be quite painful and difficult. But the benefits afterwards will be so welcome.

That`s it, guys!

luv Pollx

Glad they’re going ahead with it for you Poll. Hopefully it will make a lot of difference to you and help your carers too! I hope you don’t have to wait too long! Love Teresa xx

I’m so pleased he saw sense and cut out the ‘we’ll try…’ that usually never work. My fingers are crossed that the wait will be short.

Love Sara x

I’m so pleased for you Polly, you deserve it and are worth it! My fingers are crossed for this being done soon.

Love Sara x

That’s brilliant news Poll, I’m really glad for you. Hope it helps! Mini x

fantastic news Poll. I’m so pleased for you x

Hi Poll, welcome to the spc gang. I’m so pleased for you I’m sure it will make a huge difference to you. Anne x.

Thanks all for your replies and support.

Just hope I dont have to wait too long.

luv Pollx